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How to Win at Relationships

How to win at relationships is by looking at the status of your relationships now see what areas that need improvement.

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Recently at a team meeting with a few of the members, they were surprised of how many business owners, who think that customer retention and working on appreciating them isn’t really that important. I know it’s a shocker. If we want our customers to keep buying from us the question is do we need to stay in touch with them?

It’s a great question, as our actions don’t seem to match what we say we want or is important you us.

It’s said that 58% of customers who make a referral to friend and colleagues and 54% has a emotional commitment to the relationship to their friends and colleagues. Only 32% of customers will consider contining in buying from the same service provider over time.

What gifts are we giving?

If the loyality effect, is a powerful profit generator, as consumers tend to spend more, refer more often and they cost less to serve, why then don’t we keep giving?

This is a good question.

The real answer in winning in our customer relationships is about creating more customer loyalty, thanking our customers, staying in touch with them, giving them service.

Only 1% of your customers will complain to you,, 96% will just go away and on average 91% never come back. Yet if you have a way to track your customers, where they are in your funnel you will be able to find out how you can serve them better.

These are signs that your customers are leaving for good:

• Customer approval of your proposals comes slower.
• Access to upper-level management decreases.
• The flow of customer data slows down.
• Plans for future work become progressively shorter-term.
• One or more of your products or services are discontinued.
• The volume of business the customer is doing with you is reduced.

Since people buy on emotion they tend to leave relationships on the lack of emotion as well. we have to show that we care and they want to hear from us. The human touch goes a long way.

Guy Kawasaki says in he book “Enchantment.” You need to create a place where people are welcomed, you smile at them, you listen to them you recieve them. When you aren’t doing this anymore, then your customers tend want to leave.

If you are serious in keeping your customers you will reward people, by making it happen day in and day out.

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