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How’s Your Reputation?

Ever wonder how’s your reputation is online. Does this really matter to you how or what people think or say about you

Since Social Media all about Word of Mouth W.O.M. I would be curious to know, how you use it to develop your reputation?

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Today I got a shocker for over a year and a 1/2, and having many conversations with the same people on a Networking Platform, people really didn’t know what I did or do, just not sure how to refer me. What’s this about? One person said she didn’t know what results people are getting working with me.

Obviously, I haven’t communicated very well what I do or how I can help people. Social Media is now being turned upside down, as more people are having success by using the platform for getting feedback like I was many years ago.

Since 80% of your business could be coming from your clients, friends or associates or the people you network with. How often do you refer or introduce people? Are they clear what you do?

What do you do to support your networking partners?

  • You comment on their blogs?
  • You have recommended them on Linkedin?
  • You respond or comment on Facebook pages or profile?
  • You have some way of keeping in touch with them?
  • You share and update your readers of what’s up?
  • Have you set up a meeting with people that you would like to work with as referral partners
  • You have asked how you can support the people you know..
  • Have you asked them what kind of clients/customers they are wanting to work with..
  • You have placed them in your Rolodex..for future reference

Since Social Media all about Word of Mouth W.O.M. I would be curious to know.. how you use it to develop your reputation?

I’ve come up with more questions than answers in this post..however I would love to get your comments or suggestions about this topic. It looks like I along with many other people have some work to do.

oh, here’s my questions if you feel you know me enough answer them, please do so.

  1. What service or product have I provided you?
  2. With what you know about me, would you be wiling to refer me?
  3. If not, why not?

For answering these 3 questions, I will give you  “One Hour of my Time.”  it’s a Pay it Forward Dollar valued at $150.00. It will expire on November 30, 2015. Just leave a comment on my Facebook page.
Let’s get some discussion and engagement going.

Maralyn Hill said:
Great post and thought provoking. I’ll try answering the questions:
1. In this role, I believe you show people how to use online networking to drive sales as well as connect people through introductions.
2. Yes, I would and have referred you in other areas and I would in this part of it I understood where you wanted to go with it.
3. I’m not sure I know who and how you want to grow this part of your business.

Thank you,

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