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Imagine the Possibilities with Collaboration

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Have you ever thought of there has to be a better way to grow your business? Imagine the Possibilities to grow your business with Collaboration. By getting more clients and maybe even have better employees?


The Answer – There is!

A couple of months ago, I was at a networking meeting I met this guy and he was sharing with me about his ideas about networking. At this particular networking event the person who was the organizer, kept telling everyone to be quiet. She was busy announcing from the front of the room who wants to come up and ask what they are looking for next? Nice concept, it seemed to be a bit of a fish feeding meeting. Jeff and I were talking in the back of the room along with a few other people.

And she just kept telling us to shut- up! This was a networking meeting wasn’t it?

Jeff said to me, “Do you see the frenzy here?” Everyone was yapping and trying to get that one or two leads for their business.

Sometimes, networking meetings are too much like sales pitches. Everyone is so desperate to get business that they consistently just pitch their products or services to everyone they meet before taking the time to get to know someone.

Have you ever been approached this way before? Do you wonder if it’s because they don’t know how to network or is it that they need one more sale?

Anyway it’s a big turnoff!

What can we do different that will make a bigger difference in your business? As Jeff and I were chatting it’s really about collaboration. What I find is people won’t do it because they either don’t know how to or it’s too much work. You know what? It’s a lot easier than trying to do something on your own…

I usually like to get to know people first, it’s just the way I work. I am into relationships. When you develop relationships first you are better off. “Building Relationships that Build Your Business” first you’ll have more authority and trust with people.

Imagine your Possibilities  

Wouldn’t it be cool if a few people to come together to form a Collaborative
Marketing Group each of you would support five or more Businesses? As your group starts to promote each other you’ll grow faster, have more customers to serve and to win together.

Ready? Ask me how!!

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    Thanks for your article on your site as well. Collaboration has many ways, the main thing is to work together. If you would like to write a guest blog post just let me know.

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