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Is it Gratitude Time

Is it Gratitude time in your life, are things working out for you if not perhaps its a great time to begin to say Thank you 

Even when you feel nothing is moving along for you – or you have so many great ideas and you become unfocused it’s gratitude time.

  • When you’ve been looking for a job for so long and nothing seems to be showing up for you it’s gratitude time
  • When you have pain in your body and it doesn’t go away, it’s gratitude time.
  • When you just can’t seem to be consistent in your messaging of what services and products you offer, it’s gratitude time
  • When you feel you have so many talents, gifts that you don’t know which one to share, it’s gratitude time.
  • When you have people willing to help you and you don’t take them up on their offer it’s gratitude time.
  • When everything is going along very well, and success is coming to you fast it’s gratitude time.
  • When you are in the flow it’s gratitude time.
  • When you have comments, readers and fans it’s gratitude time
  • When you have friends that will support and pick you up and help you, it’s gratitude time.
  • When someone invites you to a networking meeting or event, what’s your answer? It’s gratitude time
  • If something you are wanting and you don’t know who to ask – it’s gratitude time
  • When you body is healthy and working well, it’s gratitude time
  • When you have anxiety in picking up the phone to call people – just to do a one on one call to develop a relationship with them, or get to know them it’s gratitude time.
  • If someone is calling you to have a 15 minute chat, they would like to get to know you better, you say what? It’s gratitude time
  • If you want to get what you want, you become a connector – and it’s gratitude time
  • If someone calls to ask for help, what do you do? Say Yes..and it’s gratitude time.
  • You are feeling blue, do the happy’s gratitude time.
  • Someone shows up in your life and wants some help from you and they aren’t grateful or appreciative of how you have helped them, it’s gratitude time.
  • When in your life is it gratitude time? Anytime, all the time 24/7. When you are faced with a challenge give thanks for it, as it is just a blessing.

Thank you for all my friends, referral partners, fans, readers of my blogs – My deepest Gratitude is for you. You inspire me to keep going, keep writing and being of service.


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