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Mentors are such a key aspect your personal and business life. In this post I’ll cover why you ought to seek out mentors, where you can find them and why.


A business mentor will keep you focused, ask questions to help you be inspired, get to know your “WHY” you are doing things. Share insights that you may not know about yourself or your business. They can guide or direct you out of your blind spots.

We all have had mentors at some point in our life, they are the ones we turn to for help, could be someone in your industry; someone you admire; some that you have met and just know there is connection and you want to know them better.

The kind of mentor will depend upon, what areas of your business you are stuck or need help in. Could be Financial, Marketing, Sales, developing a strategy, or just someplace that you find yourself stuck in a rut.

Personal mentors are those who guide you when you need a different perspective. Friends aren’t always the best ones, they tend not to be objective. They are usually biased as they want to protect you. And sometimes just too close to the situation.

Before I get into where you find them, let’s talk about the responsibilities of being mentored and having a mentor.

The responsibility of a Mentor can only advise, suggest they don’t make any decisions for you. Mutual respect and honesty is key.
1. Keep the channels of communication open
2. Respect them
3. Meet them where they are, not where perhaps they ought to be
4. Listen patiently and ask lots of questions

The responsibility of a Mentee is:
1. Show up on time to meetings
2. Respect your Mentors time
3. If you agree to do something, then do it!
4. Keep the communication channels open, if you need to cancel an appointment then call your Mentor.
5. Return calls, or texts or emails
6. Have questions ready, be prepared for your meetings

It’s all about creating a relationship with each other so that you have a beneficial experience.

Where do you begin to find a Mentor?

Peer Mentoring
At Risk Youth
New Business Help
Business Mentoring in the UK
Mentoring Womens Network
Maine Center for Entrepreneurship
Urban Mentors for Youth
Small Business Association

The above links are just a few places to find a mentor. You’ll also find Mentors at church, at school, in groups on Facebook, on LinkedIn or from a class you have taken or just do a google search. Take your time to find someone that will fit for your situation.

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