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Networking for the Introverted

Networking for the Introverted means there is 50% of the USA population being more introverted. They find themselves in the position of sales and marketing.

Many more people taking the entrepreneurial route and even network marketing moving like a wave around the world, it’s highly safe we could conclude there are more introverts finding themselves in the position of sales and marketing.

The more introverted of us just need to exercise some of our inherent skills that work in socializing so that we can enlarge our customer base.


Introverts social?

Yes! We’re just going to do it by using the strengths we have so it will be quite natural to be gaining more customers and better relationships. Here are just three top tips:

Understand that networking and marketing are not the same thing as selling. This is where many of the more social beings can easily go wrong. They start right from the get go with selling! Networking and marketing are the best way to find your potential customers or connectors – people who can put you in touch with your prospects.

It’s not about talking about you, me and my. It’s about a focus on the other person to discover more about them and something they might need help with. It’s not a presentation. It’s not asking them for a decision. It’s genuine interest in them as a person.

Be comfortable and confident with your expertise. What people want today from salespeople is someone who can broaden their understanding of both how their problem is hurting them, and possible solutions for that pain. Focus on the strengths you bring to the world with your product or service. Then let that come through in your conversation in a helpful way, in an informative way and in a way that likely no one else can communicate.

Listen when you network. It’s our introvert nature to be more interested than interesting. Guess what? This is what many people who are networking really want. They want to be listened to! We’ve already got a natural curiosity. And we prefer to think before we speak. What you will be doing for you and your prospective customer is creating a solid foundation to go for the long term.

NOTE: Since our preference as a more introverted person is alone time, planning the approach of how we reach more customers will be important to maintaining personal energy. But then, you know about planning don’t you? Plan to incorporate the three about tips before you head out to your next networking event or conference or place where you are likely to meet your potential next client. When you purposefully plan your networking with your inherent strengths, you’ll find your energy levels will be maintained in the most social of situations.

If you are in sales or marketing and want to continue to get ideas and tips to master yourself as an introvert, or even shy, follow Patricia Weber helps the most reluctant sellers, introverts in particular, who are motivated for change, to discover their personal breakthrough to help reach their ultimate success.

Patricia Weber, inspiring and supporting introverts go from fear to remarkable as they use their voice in more and more business and life situations.


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