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Never Say it’s Impossible

Nothing says, like “Never say it’s impossible” the best is Myra Goldrick, as she helps people unlock their own creativity.

Myra Goldick

Let me introduce Myra Goldrick to you, I met her on LinkedIn, we had a chat of which I always offer people to connect with me. We got talking about the Food 4 Social Change’s – Kitchen Incubator I’m working on.

One thing led to I am introducing Myra to you. Today, May 27th, 2014 she interviewed me. Below you can listen to the call.

Myra Goldick, is a disability advocate, fueled by passion, creativity, and faith…

Myra believes creating on any level is like breathing. It lifts the spirit, while at the same time it validates and builds individual self-confidence. Through her personal experiences working with business professionals during her life’s journey, she has learned many valuable lessons. These lessons have guided her on her path to success.

While she will always deal on a daily basis with the physical impact polio has had on her body, her mind and mental energy has grown stronger. Her mission is helping others find their strengths, passion, and creativity, while maintaining a true sense of humor about life. Do read more about her personal story and how she helps people.

Myra has a book out called the “Art of Success,” order your copy of Mastering the Art of Success by calling her. T: 865.429.0252.”

Listen to the interview..

Myra Goldick, is a disability advocate, fueled by passion, creativity, and faith. She is a speaker, author, professional artist, reinvention coach, and talk show host.

There are people who come into our lives for a reason. It’s a connection that will truly help us. You never know who can or will inspire us to move forward, encourage us to go beyond where we are now.

I believe we all go through periods or times in our lives that we wonder, I’m doing the best I can and I just feel stuck or very challenged. When you get there just remember there is a light at the end of the tunnel. Reach out for help – find an accountability partner, join a Mastermind group or find a coach that you resonate with.

Playing small in the world is doing a disservice to you and the people who are waiting for your product or service.

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