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No one likes to be manipulated

No one likes to be manipulated, tricked or pressured to buy something period. Honestly, it doesn’t seem to be working any more or anywhere else seems to not get as much traction.

People can feel whether it’s a fit for them or not. Most of us don’t want to feel left out and the same time we ask in our groups and forums other peoples opinion if they have take that persons training before. Or how was the value they got out of that person or company?

How can someone tell you, if it was good or not? We each need to trust our own instincts whether it feels right or not. I know I have bought programs and products that required me or I got this ___ or that __ out of it. Don’t worry this is not a sales letter or post.

I got a email telling me about a great sales training program, guess what? It was written on behalf of the person herself who was giving the training. Great idea write about your own services as if a customer is writing it for you. What she wanted me to do was to share her letter with other people that I knew that could benefit from the training.

I just had a problem with it, it wasn’t honest as I never took her program, I didn’t feel that it would be the truth in my experience. If you ever get this kind of offer what would you do?

Your customers are depending on you to deliver something that is going to help them to get the kind of results that they are looking for.

For example once you get the sale, how do you look after your customers? Do you have customer success system? The only goal is to help customers get the best out of your product or services. It happens straight after a sale is processed.

The role Customer Success Department Goals and Responsibilities is to turn customers into advocates.

  • Increase customer retention
  • Optimize customer lifecycle
  • Manage customer supportUp-sell / cross-sell
  • Generate referralsIncrease customer lifetime value
  • Monitor product usage
  • Track success metrics

If you don’t have a customer success program in your business, what you’ll find that you do all the time is always looking for trying to find new customers. Once you do this, then your customers are now sharing your content, products and training.

If you don’t, “Your competitors will steal your unhappy customers

Disgruntled customers who didn’t get the support (or even explanations) they wanted will seek out your competitors.

If your competitor is smart, they’ll have a great Customer Success team who will get them set up with a care giving service. They’ll make certain that the customer is happy, and set up to get the most value they can out of the product.

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