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How to get listed, get found, get hired!  If you know people who are un-employed or under-employed we’ll help them to Get Listed, Get Found, Get Hired!

In a recent TV news article, the plight of long-term and under-employed workers were described. Now that the economy appears to be improving, these workers are being passed over, because of their length of unemployment. I f you know of anyone who might consider themselves in this category, we may have a potential solution – or if the economy has dropped, then it’s time to build your social circle while the economy is doing good. It’s not too late to start.

A group of people wanted to started a free, unique outreach program, that will may help overcome many of today’s job search issues, including those of the long-term unemployed, or under-employed, or just getting ‘found’ by employers and recruiters. They provides a platform that the unemployed or under-employed individual can at least be found by employers, recruiters, and search routines that are ‘headhunting’ employed people. Most everyone on LinkedIn, are really reaching out to those who are seeking work.

I’ve been doing my own research by reaching out to people. How have I been doing this? By picking up the phone and calling people who I am connected to on LinkedIn or Facebook or Twitter. It been a wonderful adventure to find out who really wants to have a relationship with me or not. My network on LinkedIn, is over 3,000 people. I personally would rather have quality relationships than quantity. The debate is ongoing with this question.

I’ve come up with 10 tips in how to get the attention that you really want to have in getting hired.

1) When someone calls to connect or engage with you – say YES! This reminds me of the movie “Yes” with Jim Carey – starting a new personal development program and saying yes to everything.
2) When someone wants to hear about your projects or what you do share them and then don’t forget to ask the other person what their project is.
3) Create a circle of friends and colleagues and introduce other people to each other. Carol Deckert likes to refer her new connections to me. I in-turn do the same. I introduce them to Carol and a couple of other people. We are more likely to do business with people we like and feel positive about.
4) Do favors for people without expectation of return that they are going to do anything for you. Do it because you like them and it’s the right thing to do.
5) Make friends to build your social net. By picking up the phone and calling people to get to know them better, I also like to know how I can support them. If they aren’t interested in being a friend, they are either deleted or I put them in my outer circle.
6) Write about other people in your network – be a Connector. If you do, your level of perceived trustworthiness goes up in the eyes of those who you have connected.
7) Make yourself available when someone needs help
8) Engage yourself in groups, or start your own. Ask questions and answer other peoples questions; share your expertise.
9) Be positive, transparent and open to new conversations and opportunities
10) Be a Trust Agent – once you established your reputation, you can build influence, share it, and reap the benefits of it for your business.

Potential employers looking for candidates will contact you directly from the information you provide. This is a ‘keep it simple’ kind of program – get listed, get found, get hired!

Try it out, see if it will work for you..

Best success,

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