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Ready to Collaborate?

Ready to collaborate together?  My intention is to help us get seed capital for our projects and our businesses.

Through Divine Guidance, Spirt or whatever you want to call it, I got a message. A message or hit to say, get a group of people together to collaborate.


I have been doing is side business, for a couple of months, just haven’t been able to get out and talk to people about it. For me, it was besides having extra money.. what’s in it for them the people I present to and what’s in it for me? I also wanted to see how it worked and what opportunities it would provide. My hit was to offer it as a way to get Seed Capital for a business. The other thing I got was, get a few people together to collaborate by helping each other to get Seed Capital. I know for me if I can work with a group of people by collaborating together, whether it is partnering up, working on a project or jumping in and saying YES! Let’s work and grow into a much bigger and better place.

When I participated in “How to build your business with relationships”. The book went to Amazon #1. I shared this concept of collaborating to a networking group I attended. A couple of people came up to me later and said, “Yes, I am in.” the rest well.. they aren’t.

If you have heard the some will , some won’t, so what? Next!

Not everyone is interested in what we have to offer, when we do find the perfect people who want to join us, then it’s fabulous, isn’t it?

The collaboration project is about helping each other to raise seed capital for each other’s business. If you are interested in getting more information about this project, then please fill out the form below.

Let’s get started.

My intention is for me to get to CEO Space, you might need the money to launch your business or hire people or you will have your reasons..However each of us, needs to work together to accomplish our project goals and our individual goals and intentions.

Life wants us to be happy, if we aren’t happy then we need to take a look at ourselves to find a better way to help us move through life. We can overcome our challenges and obstacles when we go inside to discover who we are. And grow from the inside out.

Collaboration is growing from the inside greater success is easier together than by yourself alone. Consider giving collaboration a chance if you haven’t tried it before. It’s pretty awesome.

I look forward in working with you…

Mari-Lyn Harris

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