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Relationship Marketing

Relationship Marketing is about developing friendships with people.

Where can you stay in touch with people online? There are several place where you can find people and start a conversation with them.

Facebook is still the rage – I certainly spend enough time there and thinking about setting up groups that support my business in..The biggest thing people have concerns about is how can I use Facebook to get business from?

The best teachers I have ever come to find about Facebook is Mari Smith and of course she just published her book about Relationship Marketing. Looking forward in reading it.

It’s another place to develop friends and business connections with. What I do, is once I am connected with someone on LinkedIn, I invite them to Facebook and follow them on Twitter. These are the main tools, oh I forgot to add Google +. Once we are all connected on these places I usually recommend that you also get your own Social Media Address Bar it’s Free and it’s a real easy way to stay connected with everyone.

The key thing is you need to grow a very connected web of relationships with people, it’s sometimes called a tribe, a community a referral club. Whatever you call it, it’s important to know that you are in the relationship business. You need to treat everyone as a person, not another sale or a number. The best way to build your community is to be a mentor. Mentoring them in what they need not what you want.

Why do some people succeed in relationships and others don’t?

The answer is the same every time, figure out what makes other people tick – What motivates them? What is their why? See it from their point of view. Develop a friendship from this angle. I have met many people on or off line, and I have found that, most people are interested in telling you about themselves, some don’t even consider even asking you what you do or how can they help you. Whether, it’s a speaker for an event or, meeting or chatting with you for a 15-20 minutes of a coffee talk. Be sure to ask the other person about what they do, why they do it and find out something personal about them…over time you can get to know them on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and any other social network that you and the other person is on.

Until next time – get out and network with people off line and in the Social Networks.


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