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Relationship Marketing for Artists

Relationship marketing is the life blood of any business, especially for Artists. As your sales will come from people who admire your work.

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Marketing is where you promote, share yourself and your art. You are the person people seek to know more about. Your Art is the product of which you are selling. By developing relationships with people who become your customers/buyers you will now begin to grow your business.

Getting sales is a challenge for any business, especially for artists, as they are more creative, emotionally attached to their art, express themselves through their art. Sometimes you may think this is all that is what you have to do. Not so. Developing relationships is where the sales process begins.

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What are some best ways to nurture business relationships?

Forming solid relationships, whether they are customers or people that you hope who will be Strategic Alliances or people who will be customers or can help you. I will be writing more about this if you want more in-depth in the next few posts. I recommend that you join the Mastermind group.

Say you are in a retail store shopping you are ready to buy something, you have a question, you go to a store clerk to ask for help, they say to you, “Give me a minute.” (Meanwhile, they take a phone call, chat with other customers, take a break..then they get back to you.)

Finally they show back up to help you. Are you ready to still buy what you came to buy? Maybe, maybe you are ready to leave the store.

This applies to forming solid relationships with customers and partners.. The sooner you respond the more likely they’ll want to do business with you.

One of the best ways to deepen your business relationships is to meet, follow up with them and meet one on one. To save time for both parties a 15 minute chat on the phone works too.

After a face to face meeting or chat on the phone, you will know if you can help them or if they are truly interested in buying from you. Some sales are not just transactional some people like the opportunity to get to know you first.

Follow-up with people of whom you have met at shows, networking events, even if you have met them on Facebook or in a group that you are a member of. A quick “Hello, How are you.” Or “Just following up from out conversation.” You would be surprise how much people would appreciate it and remember you.

Invite them to your a show, a networking meeting or something that they would be interested in attending.

Growing relationships for your Art Business isn’t that much different than any other business. We all have challenges in following up. You are not alone in this. However, you still need to do it.

Love to read your comments or suggestions that have helped you.

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