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Is Relationship Marketing Important to you?

Is relationship marketing important to you? If not, I guess referrals and word of mouth recommendations aren’t important to you either.

Heartatwork Relationship Marketing

When people recommend or refer something to someone 75% of them will act upon it. People have turned off the ads on TV, or skip the ads. When I used to watch TV, I would mute them or change the channel. 75% of people don’t believe what ads say. **According to Hubspot.

So what’s in?

  • 90% Consumers would rather get a recommendation or a referral
  • 50% will visit a company’s website
  • 70% believe consumer opinions – people trust strangers over advertisers
  • 86% of online retailers have a Facebook Business Page

How can you grow your recommendations or Likes on Facebook?

  • Have a like button on your website
  • Allow fans to send customized video messages
  • Offer a discounts or special when people become a fan on Facebook, it’s no different when you have an opt-in offer to your newsletter – 58% of the Facebook users expect offers, events and promotions when they become fans

These major retail stores put “Like” buttons on their websites and got these kind of returns..

  • Levis got a 40X increase in referral traffic
  • Giantnerd got a 100% increased revenue
  • American Eagle and shoppers spent 57% more money
  • Shoedazzle 50% of their shoppers shop 2x a month

And then I should be blogging more often – I post every 3 days, what they were suggesting that I post 20x a month…this would be everyday… And not enough people are RT’s or sharing my blog posts..this tells me that what I write about is not important or not what people what to know about.

In regards to Social Media, if you think how many people follow you or the quantity that you have is more important, then you are wrong. It’s about how engaged your fans are leaving comments, asking questions introducing themselves, referring you. Not the numbers. Do you like just being a number?

Deb Mullen said, “If relationships are important to you, do you accept all invitations on LinkedIn or are you selective?

I have been guilty about this too..this is my new year’s focus is on quality relationships..weeding out the people who are only interested in knowing about me,  about them and how we can help each other. Otherwise, how are we going to get referrals or recommendations?

What’s your take?


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