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Relationship Marketing – Tips

Relationship Marketing Tips is a series articles to help you be successful in relationships and marketing.

Creating Connections
One of the things I have been doing more on a concious level is connecting with people I already know. These are people on Facebook, LinkedIn and who are in my address book. I must confess that I haven’t been that active in staying in touch with people. Yes, I have a few of my closest networking buddies, just haven’t expanded my network too much. Learn how to create connections.

With all the talk about all the new social networking platforms, we need to ask ourselves, just because everyone else is doing it, does it mean it’s a fit for us?

How to Win at Relationships
Recently at a team meeting with a few of the members, they were surprised of how many business owners, who think that customer retention and working on appreciating them isn’t really that important. I know it’s a shocker. If we want our customers to keep buying from us the question is do we need to stay in touch with them? 

It’s a great question, do our actions match what we say we want or that is important us? Winning at relationships.

The Thank you Economy
The Thank you Economy according to Gary Vay Ner Chuk, who wrote the fabulous book Crush It. – His second book is about “The Thank you Economy”..he believes it is much easier now to develop relationships with people via Social Media.

Developing relationships is time consuming, by doing the one on one with people, you want to win their hearts and minds. By doing it this way, you’ll gain better and more effective results in your sales results.

Do People Like you?

Our work relationships
Our relationships shouldn’t be taken for granted. How many things have people done for you? I am not writing about the simple acts of kindness, like opening the doors for you, or sharing a smile, or buying you a cup of coffee – it’s the kind of things like giving up a cab for you in the rain, or driving someone home when it’s out of your way, or someone pays for your cab ride and not expecting payment back. I used to work for friends, I lived on the other side of town, and I would work New Years Eve for them. They paid for my cab, I was helping them and they were helping me. I didn’t take them for granted either. Win at friendships

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