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Relationship Proof your Business

Relationship proof your business, by simply innovating, getting active by finding people to partner up with. You will soon find yourself further ahead.

We are in a time of our business to keep focusing on what we want, where we want to do and be.. For me, I find it much more fun to be collaborating with people rather than sitting on the sidelines or waiting for something to open up.

One thing if I learned anything at all from Live Out Loud a week ago, it was say Yes and figure hot how you are going to accomplish it later. Don’t worry what someone else is doing, just get started. One of the things I really need to do is to get out and network in my local community. I have spent the last three years online marketing and networking. Nothing wrong with this, because I know if I want to be introduced to someone all I have to do is ask.

I live in a very small town, even though there is an active community with the chamber not everyone fits into the chamber, so I decided that I am going to create my own networking group from people who are on LinkedIn – and as soon as I put this out to a friend of mine, she let me know that there is a woman’s group who is looking for someone new to lead them. I said, I would. Ok, nothing is going to happen until January, however the ball is starting to roll.

How do you rebuild? Ask yourself given today’s economy has it changed your business? Have you noticed that some things are shifting to a different direction for you? Are you communicating a message that you are providing value to your audience? How are you growing your relationships, partnerships? Some of the things my friend Linda Finstad and I would talk about is our crazy ideas, that we thought of, some worked some didn’t.

I’ve heard a few messages that Seth Godin, suggests that we need to fail more often. – Why? Because it gives us new solutions and ideas so we can improve what we are doing better.

Erik Schonher wrote in his white paper for creating membership sites, that we need to create member evangelists who are like ambassadors who will actively promote your memberships and help you retain the ones you have now. When your organization isn’t able to retain your members or clients, you can discover there are some sweet spots that you can add to help retain them.

One needs to be flexible, willing to fail, be open to saying YES, more than saying no and getting active in reaching out to other people. Some of the ways in which you can do this is:

    • Why Video Marketing is so Effective? Use it to communicate your message for:
  • Webinars
  • Tele-seminars
  • Blog more often
  • Go out networking more often
  • Use the various Social Media tools, like LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Quora

The more active you are, the more people will want to engage with you – just ask for help! The Universe will send someone to come help you.


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