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Relationships: The Party Principle

Relationships: The Party Principal is about listening to your customers what are saying. How to develop better relationships with them without being overwhelmed

The challenge for most of us is that when we are in our own forest – in other words we in the middle of our own business problems that we may feel overwhelmed at times.

Here’s some more ideas about getting more customers through your relationships.

  1. By focusing on who your customer is, what kind of service/s are you offering to them.
  2. What’s your business model? How are you planning to create a profit for yourself?
  3. Social media can be an effective way to secure new clients. Sometimes it’s not about the quantity, but the quality of customers you have
  4. Create strategic partners, by tap into other distribution channels
  5. Pick 1,000 of your connects, suspects and start networking with them, once you have put them into your drip marketing campaign, select another 1,000. When someone shared this, this to me was my solution to trying to stay in touch with my LinkedIn connections.
  6. Do a highly targeted internet marketing strategy to help you get high quality leads at a fraction of your cost.
  7. Some say having an e-book works. As you insert your specialized knowledge that can be of interest your your online uses.
  8. If you are a local business be sure to be online. I was at a local women’s networking meeting, 20 out of 100 women were on-line the rest of the business owners felt because they were local businesses they don’t need to be. This is really a false belief. If you are looking for something what do you do 1st? I Google it first. If I meet someone online and I am going to be in their area I meet them for coffee. If I find something I am looking for online and they are local I’ll buy from them.

If you haven’t figured it out by now Social Media is a new way to doing business is about relationships. So many people seem to think that the more connections #’s  you have then, it’s about calling this social proof. (Influencers). They are only influencers if they paying attention to what you are saying. If they aren’t willing to share information or promote you or even ask you how they can help you or collaborate with you it’s very temporary. Then they truly aren’t interested in you, only themselves.

Are Relationships: The Party Principle It’s not hard to do, it’s just a different method of gaining business for your business. It may take longer, however your results will be much higher, better quality and more fun.

Here’s the how you can adopt the relationships the party principle for your business.

▪ Invite people to your blog, website
▪ Introduce yourself to people on Facebook, join me on Linkedin or Twitter
▪ Compliment people
▪ Share “Likes”
▪ Engage in conversation like “Hello”
▪ Offer valuable content
▪ Give FREE trials, Webinars and Tele-seminars, e-books
▪ Ask for referrals
▪ You want to be known, liked and trusted
▪ The average Twitter user will influence 500 people every day. (even if they have over 1,000 followers) Have you ever did a Twit Cleaner? Try it, you’ll discover who really follows you.

Now, let’s get into Twitter, it’s a news source..sharing your news, promotions and direct people to read your articles and blog posts. Be sure to share or brag about other people too, it’s not just about you. If all you do is to spend 5 – 10 minutes a day on Twitter to deliver your message. 80% needs to about other people, 20% is about you or your promotions.

The BIG rule is never to sell direct. Invite people to your events, your Facebook page, invite people for a 5-10 minute conversation.

If you were at a party, would you ask someone to hop in bed with you the 1st time you opened your mouth? (Yes, I have seen some guys do this). It’s insulting to think that you are that important that you would rather insult someone rather than have a conversation. What are some of your stories or pick-up lines you have received from people. I just got one today on Facebook…as Kim said, “How can you give a cheesy pick-up line and expect that someone would want to reply back?


When you force people to do business with you, then you are really wasting your time. It’s worst than a Used Car Salesperson, at least they say “Hello,” and ask questions.

I had someone call me from India, he wasn’t interested in conversation of sharing anything about himself, and just asked me “Do I want my Facebook redesigned.”  he said “he did was pretty good“. No, I don’t want to hire you, no matter how cheap it is, simply because I don’t know you, nor at this point of time do I like you.

Do I think he is effective? Perhaps he gets a few it a long term strategy? No.

You want to hang out with people that uplift you, support you and will help you. The kind of people you hang out with, will determine who you will become and develop your character.

Remember, if you are going to a party, you are engaging in conversations, making connections, inviting people to an event or ? It’s the same principle, keeping the party going.

Love to hear your ideas.


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