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Seeing Greatness in Others

Seeing greatness in others, by giving them praise and appreciation it will help them to feel good about you, you’ll feel good about giving.

When you are working with others the more “Great Work” or “Great Job” you say, you’ll find others will respond quicker and more positively to you. When you are coaching someone, or in Direct Sales it is important not to forget seeing the greatness in others. Compliments are more about what the person has done. With acknowledgments are much deeper and more powerful for the person receiving it.

Whenever you look for the positive qualities that your team or people around you are being and doing this will establish an environment of trust and mutual respect. As a leader of your team or group you have an opportunity to help them see their strengths, qualities and capabilities. Often your team or group gets to see who they are and how well they are working together. Thus, you are helping them to build self-esteem and empowers them to keep learning and doing.

The gift you get back is watching someone light-up, and they will begin to reach their full potential with renewed enthusiasm.

When you speak from your own heart you will be able to feel your heart thumping a bit and the recipient’s perception it will feel that you meant it.

The 1st year that I was giving the “Kindness Hero Awards,” some of the recipients were quite emotional, and I too was having a heat wave where my heart felt it was going to jump out. It was a very moving experience for me. I am sure I made a difference for them in their was fun nevertheless.

When you see greatness in others you get to see their heart and soul, present, even when you may be mad or not happy with that person, just stop and remember why you like or love them and just send out some loving energy to them. L.O.V.E. heals all.

One of the reasons I do the awards is simply to experience seeing someone light-up, to feel their excitement of being appreciated and that someone caught their greatness when they weren’t looking.

Keep dancing like no one is watching. Keep seeing someone’s greatest and acknowledging them. 

By learning and sharing your appreciation, you are seeing their greatness.. the Kindness@Work Conferences are wonderful for this. As each speaker gets to share their stories and teaches all of us how we can be better at giving appreciation and recognizing another persons greatness.

In seeing your greatness, I would like to honor you for a complimentary ticket to the Kindness@Work Conference. There are only 2 tickets available, you can pick a day ticket or for the three days. Value of $35 – $88.00 – you’ll gain so many insights it’s priceless.

To claim your ticket.. just reach out to me. 510-320-8332.

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Seeing Greatness In Others
Matt Schlegel one of our speakers.

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