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Share your Vision with Delight!

Share your vision with delight in your life. By being who you are, what you do, and what you have is the secret of personal power and high-energy living.

Reading “Out of the Blue” by Mark Victor Hansen, Barbara Nichols and Patty Hansen. There wasn’t book cover on it, just a plain jane hardcover book. I picked it up for something to read. It’s been really good..story after story about people and the path about delight. It’s really about helping the reader in my case to change the focus into having a life of “Delight.”

“Delight is that fire of enthusiasm that turns work into play and challenges into pleasurable learning experiences. It is having natural zest for life, loving one another without fear, laughing out loud. Delight is passion and enjoyment, singing in the shower, dancing on the street. Delight comes to us from out of the blue in the form of everyday magic and minor epiphanies.”

“Taking delight in who you are, what you do, and what you have is the secret of personal power and high-energy living.”

“Delight connects you to the beauty and power of the Universe, with your HIgher Power and Divinity.”

“Delight is contagious; it is the greatest gift you can give to yourself and others.”

What this book so far has given me is HOPE a sense of meaning and a reminder of how I can change my life to feel better.

A group of Teachers came up with 38 words of Delight. I feel delight could be replaced with other words, like Kindness, Compassion – Delight is a word one does not hear of often. The 38 words of delight came about as there was an inner school who the teachers didn’t show up half the time, and children were not passing and the Principle really wanted to have this school to excel. He approached the Teachers to share his vision, and they came up with these words to educate the kids with. The words that they selected were to build character in the kids, help them learn better and get the parents involved. 78% of the kids were from single-parented homes,, 60% were African-American and 5% other.

This school became one of the best schools, it also shifted from negative to positive. Everyone became well educated and well mannered.

When you believe in the work you are doing, your are following your heart, you’ll find you’ll have extra energy to make things happen.

Extra-ordinary people do extraordinary things, when delight leads the way.

Leading an organization or tribe is no different, an organization means “a group of people who get together for a certain cause or reason can help make a difference.”

Another thing we’ll start doing is visualizing what we want. Whatever we want, wants us! How do we receive this? When we visualize our goals, we can change our subconscious to help our mental pictures to come true. We just have to think and see BIGGER pictures. See the end result first.

Be grateful for what we see for ourselves.. and go to sleep with your vision in your brain each night and allow it to come to you. Be in delight, throughout your days and give thanks!


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