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Sharing the Best Customer Service Experiences

Sharing the Best Customer Service Experiences. What are your best customer service experiences you’ve had? Here are three experiences.

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First Experience:
Several years ago my family came home from a very much needed vacation at about 10 pm December 30th only to find our house was in the process of burning.

The next evening (1/1) we decided to eat at Carraba’s Italian restaurant to celebrate everyone being ok. We didn’t say anything about our purpose there that evening. Roughly halfway through our meal our server asked how our New Year’s Eve had been. We then informed him of what had happened and why we really hadn’t celebrated that year.

He expressed his sorrow at hearing this news and the meal went on. Towards the end he encouraged us to get dessert, which we didn’t normally do when eating out. We finally accepted and ordered dessert. He then brought our check which was blank. We flagged him back down and explained there must have been an issue with the restaurant’s system as there was no amount on the check.

Our server then explained he had told the owner about our experience and that they has agreed our meal would be on the house that night as a way to help us during our time of need.  We had neither asked for not expected any treatment of this type. Needless to say, this server received a rather large tip that evening and we frequented this restaurant many times during the next few months of house rebuilding. 

Thanks to the actions of this server I will still, years later, only eat Italian at Carraba’s. I don’t know if he realized just how much he impacted my family that evening but his actions helped make what seemed like an impossibly difficult time that much more bearable.

Second Experience:
Considering the magnitude of the other posts, my story is relatively small, but it made me happy and increased my respect and liking towards Starbucks.

Third Experience:
It was during our second honeymoon. We were visiting the Starbucks near to Eagle Square in Langkawi, Malaysia. We arrived from Kualalumpur in the afternoon after a hectic bus plus ferry ride and were really tired. Me and my wife simply wanted to hangout and have a peaceful time drinking our favorite coffee.

I ordered a hazelnut latte, and wife ordered a cup of Mocha. It was a weekday, and business was slow. Later on, I came to know that most people who visit Langkawi are usually in the beach during evening and few people visit a coffee shop during those hours.

After taking a few sips, my wife complained that she chose the wrong drink and wasn’t feeling like finishing her cup. I asked her whether she wanted a  new drink, but she said no. (obviously considering the premium price tag) and just placed her mug on the table and we resumed talking.

Not more than 5 minutes later, a Barista walked up to our table asked my wife if there was any problem with the drink. She answered that she was not liking the taste and doesn’t want to finish it. Without speaking much, he went away.

Surprisingly, he came back after 5-10 minutes with another cup of coffee and offered it to her saying that “This is the best coffee we have, almost everyone likes it. I hope you will like this one”.

Both of us were humbled by this kind and unexpected gesture. She accepted it and loved it. I don’t exactly remember the blend, but it really was good.

I am not sure whether this is a usual practice in Starbucks store, but we really liked this extra customer service and whenever we go abroad (unfortunately, Starbucks is yet to open a store in Bangladesh). by Ishtiaque Khan

For me, it’s Apple. I had a 2012 13″ MacBook Air. It was the base model upgraded with 8GB of RAM. 3 months after getting it, there was a defect in the screen. You could see a blueish/gray spot in the screen if you looked at it from a certain angle. I knew it was an issue with the screen itself because the spot wouldn’t go away even after I cleaned the screen and restarted the computer.

Disappointed, I brought it in to my local Apple store. The Genius at the store took a quick look at it and said that it would take about 10 days to repair it as they had a number of iMacs that they needed to repair first.

Without me asking for anything, the Genius said he’d replace my Air. Except the replacement was a top-of-the-line MacBook Air with a 2.0 GHz processor, 8GB of RAM, and 512GB SSD with a new power adapter.

It was a better machine than the one I’d brought it. And it retailed for about $800 USD more. Not only did he do that, he restarted my Apple Care too, which meant I’d get a full 3 year coverage on my new Air. That’s how you win customers for life.
Samuel Chan

There are some other fabulous experiences on some other wonderful stories.

What have been some of your best customer service experiences? Leave a comment below..Love to hear about them


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