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Social Circles is like a Garden

Social Circles is like a garden, so is your business or whatever project you take on. I’ve taken on planting seeds for a World Garden Project.

Social Circles

A part of this project is planting vegetable seeds from various ethnic groups then transplanting them into community garden beds.

So far in my part of this I’ve noticed of how common our vegetables are from one ethnic group to the other.

Yet, people in these various ethnic groups have a hard time jumping from one social circle to another.

Why is that?

Another part of my work is to reach out to the various ethnic communities and invite them to join us in the World Garden. I believe there is much to be learned from each other. The differences and the similarities.

How does this apply to your business or passion?

Yesterday, I was thinking of the various social circles we belong to and how do they all inter-connect with each other.

Here’s some of my thoughts:

Social Circles with themes – like hobbies, a business category, people you know, friends, community groups or business or passions you are involved with..

What does social circles and planting seeds have in common?

A business or what ever your project is, starts of with a circle an idea – what do you do next ou get an ah think about how you can take it from the idea into the marketplace.

Consider the circle as your garden, the idea is the seed, you may get some opinions, ideas, strategies, this forms your which are your products or services.

Do you like being by yourself in your circle?

Not likely. What do you do?

As you are growing and building your circle you start to invite other people to join you, now you are becoming a social circle. This is where the adventure begins..

Once a seed in a garden is growing it expands in it’s home..the community garden bed, or your front lawn or your back lawn where ever you plant your vegetables or you business services and products you want other people to know about you so they can enjoy the fruits of your labor.

Think of your social circle as a place to expand and grow. This is a place where you can test what is working and what is not working.

It’s also a place to develop relationships with people who like what you are doing, want to partake in what you are offering just like the vegetables of World Garden once they grow they are available to eat. We prepare the vegetables, in how we like to eat them.

There is a cycle to every business – just like there are seasons for gardens and social circles.


Some social circles are developed for a purpose, some people leave the circle, those than leave may come back..your social circle needs to speak to people, they must hear it. In order for them to hear you, the message must reach their heart. This takes nurturing. For plants I need to water them, give them sunlight speak kindly to them. The same for the people in your social circle. Plant, grow and the fruits of
your labor they will then sprout.

Wiki’s definition is social circles are groups of socially interconnected people. A Social circle is distinguished from a social pyramid in that there are two perspectives that can be used to describe a social circle: The aggregate perspective of a group of socially interconnected people.

What’s your take? Leave a comment and share this with your social circles.

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