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Someone you ought to meet

Sounds interesting doesn’t it? Someone you ought to meet is a talk that I give and facilitate a workshop based on this subject.

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It seems to me that we are always looking for people to meet that will help us with a variety of ways in our personal and business lives. Recently, I gave a talk to a group of job seekers who are working on their introductions or UPS and seeking jobs. About a year ago when I was seeking a job even PT, I would go out to network and let people I am seeking work. People would just say or laugh at me

“Who isn’t?”

Everyone is looking for work whether it’s a job, contract or whatever. What I realized, there had to be a better way.

I began to say “I offer Marketing services.”

This got better responses from people – I was still applying to advertised jobs. After I got a Part-time job, I kept on applying to other jobs.

By focusing on what I really wanted to do, I was beginning to have traction. Going back to Business Coaching, specializing in working with food entrepreneurs is what my passion is.

Even though my talk was for people who are seeking work, I was able to share my experiences of how I got to where I am today. There was one gal who was passionate about Interior Designing, she wasn’t going to pursue it again because she thought it was time to get a corp job.

There is nothing wrong with having a corporate job, I asked her why not pursue your passion? When I spoke to her, she said, she was getting chills about it. There you are the Divine is talking to you, confirming this.

A couple of people who both were finishing up their degrees in teaching and childcare. Why not get together and see how you can help each other?

As a person seeking work also look a expanding your network – get out and go to meetings, present what you offer – be your own free agent. You never know, maybe someone will contract your services and you could end up with being hired.

To prove this, Steve who was consulting with a company – the company finally said, “you are working so much with us why don’t you just work for us full-time.” Steve said, “make me an offer I can’t refuse.” They did and now he’s working for them full-time.

Someone you ought to meet is just around the corner. Need some help with this? Got a group of people that need a speaker, I’ll come and speak on this topic.

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