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Step into your Destiny

Step into your Destiny, find out and ask yourself many questions.

From the book Build Your Business by Building Relationships for your business, I was really into what Lisa Rae Preston’s article was about. Stepping into your Destiny. She has a quiz to find out more about stepping into your destiny her Guide to Living Your Dreams.  After reading her story in the book, I hopped over to her site to check out her offer.

After some research she discovered a formula that you could discover your own destiny.. It’s about what your core passion/s is about. Mine is “Potential”.

While my skills and talent come quite naturally, I have four other cores like Service, Truth and Empathy.

Some of the questions I answered were repeated and asked in a different way.

I often meet life with zest and adventure, enthusiastic about ideas, challenges and supposed obstacles. Nothing seems to be impossible. ( I get this – my friend Linda and I would brainstorm some wild ideas, it was fun) Then we would encourage each other to make our ideas to come to life. Obstacles are just challenges, there has to be a way around the obstacles that we perceived to be true.

I see the potential in others, and like to cheerlead or empower people to help them create an action plan for them. Not many are willing to take the BIG leap, I think just because we don’t necessarily believe in ourselves.

As someone who is a “Potential Person” as I crave inspiration and be willing to drop whatever is at hand, to something that is more inspring to me..this is true..And I am a pioneer which means I am usually ahead of my time. I want to change with world – yep “I want World Kindness.” I am happy when I can improve a situation by bringing success and hope into my passion.

When I came up with promoting Masterminding groups I know the value of them and how much they can develop and grow a person and a business. Not everyone wants to join one..or is ready to particpate in one..Ahead in my timing? No, just haven’t met the right people yet. .

Sorry Lisa Rae Preston’s, test is not available. Updated September 2015.

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