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The Secret in Growing your Business

The secret in growing your business is you need to get out to network, however 90% of you don’t follow up after meeting people after you have met them.


Not even an email to say it was a pleasure to meet them. This is shocking, how can people get any business if they don’t even show the simple courtesy of saying Thank you?

I like this picture and quote, because this is how we all ought to consider treating people.

After attending a meeting, if you think that, well I met them and they aren’t a customer, how do you know? They may not be a customer for you, however, they know people. The more you stand out from what every one else is doing then you’ll be remembered. The simple gestures that you show people the more they’ll want to connect with you.

If you don’t want to send an e-mail, then call them up and just say Thank you! Your kindness, is about building relationships to grow your business. Once you start to help others first – find out what they are looking for, refer or introduce them to people they ought to meet, or invite them to an upcoming networking meetings. Or even just ask them how you can support them..

It’s like being a Host at a party..when you invite someone over what do you do? You introduce them to everyone at your party, get them a beverage and start a conversation with them. You find out about their family, their interests, how they got into their business or job or? Got the picture? You want to find out more about them..once you will know how to help them, likely you can fit in, if not refer them to someone. If you are at a party, what do you say? Thanks for coming, Thanks for dropping by. It was a pleasure to meet you. Come again.

These relationships that you are developing shouldn’t be taken for you never know what will come out of all your seed planting of making friends. Plant everywhere..Be yourself by sharing who you are and how you can help someone else.

Recently, I was at a networking meeting, and it just felt like it was a sales pitch felt awful. Be sure you are out making friends, help them and keep following up.

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