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Unleashing Your Power

We are all presented with challenges and opportunities, that we can either say YES! or not. If they are relationships that are falling apart we need to take time to grieve and pay attention to the ahh moments that we discover for ourselves. They usually pop up when we least expect it.

That’s enough about that…it’s more about unleashing your power.

I realized that I am quite good at re-inventing myself and asked some of my closest friends what they thought of the idea. When I talked about it, they felt my energy was high and I was passionate about it. I like seeing people get the ahh’s, it’s like the light bulb just went on for them.

I’ve been doing Marketing and Social Media for so long now, that it has been getting stale and of course people are either working with BIG Agencies or getting their staff to do the work let’s face it, there is so much FREE intormation online about it that it’s really becoming a DIYer business. Which I do think that we all need to understand it before we hand it over to someone else. This is part of my re-invention it’s time to switch to something else.

If you are a woman who is between 40-60 ready to make a change in your life, or if you have been unemployed for a long time this will help you too. As I wrote in my last post that the job market is shfiting, there are more people than jobs, more artists selling art work than buyers. It’s really a buyer marketplace. If you haven’t worked in awhile, then you really need to do something different. It’s time to change the gear that you are in.

As a Transformation Coach,  I’ll help you make a few tweeks to some major shifts so you can have what you want to come to you. Some people call this Attraction Marketing. We have to make ourselves attractive to attract what we say we want to have happen.

Many years ago, I was doing some group work to help people get what they wanted. One guy was teaching people about money – he was ready to grow his business and have the time to have a new partner in his life. One gal was, really wanted a new man in her life. another gal was a bookkeeper and wanted to increase her client base. Another gal wanted to start her own business. After 12 weeks everyone was well on their way to have what they wanted. Between setting intentions and taking action – more doors were opening up for everyone. This isn’t the only things that each member in this group did, it just shows that when you operate in a group, the energy becomes much more supportive and powerful.

  • The Money Coach was able to train someone to help him – to give him more time and expand his business
  • The gal who was seeking a man in her life – found one and got married
  • The bookkeeper – saw that if she partnered up with other financial parters she could get more business and developed a partnershp with the Money Coach.
  • The gal who wanted to start her own business, got a promotion in the job she had, so she gave up starting her own.

To unleash yourself from the pain of appying for jobs and getting nowhere or if you are in a business that isn’t making any money or you are just having trouble getting support in moving forward..I can help you.

By joining a Mastermind group

When we surrender and ask for help, it does arrive. And sometimes it’s not what we expect to show up, it is exactly what we need and if it’s not we can change our mind.

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