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We are in the Relationship Business

We are in the relationship business, whether we are in network marketing or growing our own businesses.

Why is network marketing so popular these days? Have you ever noticed everywhere you look or what you read there are hundreds of new network marketing companies or M.L.M.’s? There are several companies who haven’t really made it in the traditional way of making money or getting people to buy their products or services. For example if their products aren’t selling they’ll turn to other ways to get into the marketplace.

Life Vantage produce two products, tablets is their main product along with their True Science face cream. They started out in drugstores, and the staff couldn’t either explain the benefits of it or it was too expensive for someone to buy a few bottles. A lack of education was the problem. The consumers didn’t really understand how this product was actually going to help them. Now they are structured as a network marketing company. More product is getting into the hands of the consumers, the distributors and the company is making more money and people are becoming healthier. There are several independent studies to show what Protandim can do. They are in the relationship business.

How can you turn your customers into believers and what to buy more of what you got to offer?

Network marketing is really about relationships, mentoring and training. I tend to look at what are other people doing in their marketing, that I like and how can I copy it or implement some of the structure in my own business. Ok, to turn my company into a M.L.M.? No. I would have to get FDC’s approval. This is a little too much for me. However, what components can I add to become more successful?

Many companies have many customer evangelists, we are all one, if we get great service from someone or a company we share it. We tell others..the only difference is that we may not necessarily get paid for it. Unless you become an affiliate for the company.

What about those who do joint ventures with other people, the JV’s otherwise are known as, don’t necessarily give products to each partner, they do offer a special price or gift to each others offer. I thought I would give a Self-improvement group a try and do a JV with them, I got hooked up with them through a friend – her affiliate link. Well, after signing up I soon discovered that they wanted me to pay to join the promotion My friend said, she got 200 new subscribers. I got new subscribers, just not real e-mail addresses – then a few weeks later in promoting their launch they sent me an e-mail to tell me that I was going to be downgraded. I wondered how could I be downgraded when I was at the free level. These people are in the relationship business and forgot.

The lesson to a JV is that you look at what they really want from you and what is the expectation and what is your return going to be by participating with them. Paying them money to participate to me isn’t really a JV. My friend was sharing an opportunity by letting me know about this great offer.. Be sure to check out all your JV offers before partaking. It’s like any thing, it has to work for you.

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