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What are Your Priorities

What are your priorities? Have you begun to think about your successes of 2015 yet? Whether they are personal or business related?


It’s a good time to reflect on your plans and figure out what you want to have happen for 2016. One of the recent talks I heard was about the Law of Priorities. According to “John Maxwell” we all have them, it’s just sometimes hard to figure out what they are.

If you have had some personal losses this year then, then I am sure you have thought about what is really important for you, or if you are really following your dreams. I know I have – in my mind I keep hearing THINK BIGGER. We all have priorities, what are yours?

A priority is something that is more important than another; for example being busy and not doing what you truly want – what is more of a priority?

Procrastination is when we avoid doing something that needs to be accomplished. If we continue to procrastinate this can lead to feelings of guilt, inadequacy, depression and self-doubt.

You may make a decision and then you second guess yourself. Or put off things until the last minute. In 1992 a study showed that 80-95% students procrastinated in studying..this leads us to the topic: “The Law of Priorities.”

The talk that Addie Begashaw, suggested three helpful tips to help us to set priorities.

1. What is required of me?
These are responsibilities that cannot be delegated. Like your partner, spouse, children, parents and employer.

2. What gives me the greatest return?
In our businesses for example, we should be spending most of our time using our greatest strength. To make a rule of thumb is if 80% of what I am doing, can be delegated – then this is what should be done. This will free our time to do the tasks that will give us the greatest return.

3. What brings me the greatest reward?
This is your personal satisfaction, the things you Love to do and it fills your heart. What are some of the things that light you up, energize you by keeping you passionate.

If we simply focus one the top 20% activities, that are of importance to us, we’ll have a 80% return on our efforts. The same goes with our customers focus on the top 20% and they will give you an 80% better return.

Write down your answers under these questions:

1. What is required of me?

2. What gives the greatest return?

3. What brings the greatest reward?

Now you can begin to lay out some ideas and plans for 2016. Leave a comment or your answers, we can then support you.


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