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What does increasing referrals mean to you?

What does increasing referrals mean to you? Do you have a program or system that helps you get more?

Many people will ask on forums the best way to ask for referrals and how do they get them. I see this question all the time. I would say, if you have asked and you still can’t get referrals then ask yourself what am I doing wrong?

* Look at your services, were they good enough for someone to refer you too?
* Do you have a system in which that you get referrals or introductions?
* If so, how can you get the people to refer you more often?

Referrals only happen when you value the relationship in the first place.

Referrable Action

I recorded a video about my Mastermind program about “Making money with your Rolodex.”

The Mastermind group is about learning to develop your own program or system to get more referrals and introductions.
More information about the Mastermind group, is here.

Did you know…

That most professionals don’t actually have a plan of getting referrals, they leave it up to Networking Organizations, occasional lunches or coffees, golf, networking or any other random act to get them where they think they are going.

Here’s some reasons WHY!
~ The top 3% set goals or follow their plans
~ The top 10% group actually set goals
~ The bottom 60% set goals on a “Crisis Management” basis
~ The remainder 10% set few, if any goals at all

Which person are you?

* Top Businesses receive 90% or more of the business through referrals.

* The average Business receives 30% or less.

* Where do you stand now in marketing yourself?

* What challenges or obstacles are you now facing?

Are you ready to get some help?

A Referral Partnership:
It’s a conscious relationship – in other words you need to recognize referring opportunities – in client meetings for example, you may ask if there is anything they need in their business that you could refer them to. You might give them cards, brochures and make a recommendation, or make an introduction, it’s just not enough.


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