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What kind of touch points are you doing?

What kind of touch points are you doing, these points or reaching out efforts are about growing your relationships with your current and future customers.

The idea of reaching out to them should be more about 80% relationship and 20% marketing and sales.

How to you start to create the trust factor in your practice or business?

It’s what Josh Turner has written about “The-Trust-Equation-1.” It’s not new material it’s a look at why it’s important to to have your customers trust you more. He shares why you want to improve upon your efforts working with LinkedIn.

Why do don’t you keep reaching out to people?

The worse case scenario is that you don’t have a formal created a plan to market to your customers. You know that your service and sales could be better, you either haven’t had the time to develop a strategy or plan. You have customer turnover more than you would like to have, even though you find yourself spending more money on advertising. The bleeding is still happening and you don’t know why. It’s starting to take a toll on your business.

What do you do?

During the economic times or off seasons, it’s important to communicate with your customers. Don’t wait until they leave you. Customers leave because they think you don’t care. Maybe it’s true that you don’t care, if you did you would stop the bleeding.

Here’s some things you can start doing today to help you:

If you are already doing a newsletter and they are getting it, mix it up a bit and add some of this content. If they aren’t, ask permission to add people to your newsletter.

If you don’t have a list of people, start by inviting people to connect with you off LinkedIn. Besure, to select people who fit your targeted audience. Send them a personal message to connect. Ask them if they would be willing to take your connection off line. Get their email information, so you can start developing trust with them by sending them content that would interest them.

Find content to share with them that they would be interested in, articles, TED talks, Video’s, books, blog posts etc, gather the information put it in a sequence of topics, 1 -5.

I personally always like to call them, get them to engage in a phone call with me first. It’s just more personal, I can learn much more about them. It also relaxes them, not so much in fear of what you are going to talk to them about.

This is really important DO NOT SELL OR PITCH TO THEM.

This will get you started.


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