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What we give is more important than what we get..

What we give is more important than what we get. Giving is the foundation that we build our careers and relationships on.

People are stunned in the amount of giving and sharing of ideas I have done to help business owners to advance themselves in their knowledge. It’s just what I love to do. Oprah had said one night at her OWN Classes that “This is what brings her joy! Being able to help her audience change their lives by learning from her lessons.”

In the Art Marketing group on LinkedIn, of which I have been managing since 2008 I have shared many insights and marketing tips to help Artists move forward in their Art Business. Some of the Artists who have moved on, started their own groups, or have advanced in their own art careers say, I have helped them in some way and also that I have been known as too generous and kind. I just say Thank you!

If someone needs something, I will usually try to find it for them in my computer I will find the resource or article in which it will help them. Over the years I have learned that knowledge is not a personal possession. The more I have shared the more I have learned. With the Internet there is so much information and sometimes it’s just too repetitive, meaning too many people just repeat what someone else is saying or doing. This I find is annoying, like spam.

So why would I suggest that we share and give our knowledge or share our own experiences? We don’t live on an island..our success also depends upon others. When you each share, your generosity will come back to you. However, share because you want to, not because you think you have to, there isn’t any joy in sharing because you feel you have to.

Slamming another successful person or artist isn’t going to help you in the long run, there is no place for hate and jealousy. I just read that jealousy is fear and the only way to get beyond the fear is to take a step forward. If you think you are afraid of someone, then reach out to that person and chat them up. You’ll be surprised in how much you have in common and perhaps you can collaborate with them.

The lack of your sharing will catch up with you at some point in time. There is an Universal law that says, “When we toss bread on the open water it comes back 10 fold</em>”. It’s like the tithing principle give 10% and you get back more than 10%.

There is “Giving Tree” on Facebook, where if someone has a request people from the community give. In 24 hours the group raised $500.00 was able to buy and potbelly stove and a cord of wood for a family.

Do you have a giving tree – or a list of things that you would be willing to give – maybe some books you no longer need, or painting supplies, or frames or a course or the list is endless.

Jack White said, “Giving is the sun that drives the winter from the human soul.

I know many people are open and helpful on Yahoo, LinkedIn, Quora and Focus, they are places where you can ask questions and get answers. You just have to decide which answers are the best for you. There are many places where you can give to help others, not just on-line, in your local community – in service organizations. Non-profit groups and the like. Don’t worry about what you’ll get back in return as you will may never know.

Happy Giving!


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