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Why do relationships have to be so challenging?

Why do relationships have to be so challenging? When we think about situations in our life, what communications did we miss or not communicate?

Recently, I was asked if I was interested in taking over a Women’s Networking group, since the gal who has been hosting it said she was done. And then all of a sudden a couple more gals said, they wanted to help. I thought great!

My intention was that it would give me an opportunity to get to know some local women and perhaps create my own friend circle. After our 1st meeting, boy what an explosion. It was not a successful one, heard feedback that it wasn’t the same, and why can’t it be the same..just a couple of gals didn’t want to change. One gal, said something to another gal in the meeting, and my mouth dropped open. I couldn’t believe what she said. It was WOW moment for me.

I learned early in my life to embrace’s an adventure.. nothing stays stagnate we are always evolving on a personal level so why would a group be any different? When we are in fear of can be disastrous for us, it overwhelms us. And our monkey mind takes over..we no longer become conscious in what we are saying.

Darlene Hull • Thinks it’s because there are different layers. If I’m working with a friend, for instance, I feel a need to handle the relationship a little differently than if this is just an acquaintance. Also, in working relationships you need to think about the bottom line, and sometimes you have to draw a tight line that feels personal even when it truly is just about business. 

I actually think all relationships are complicated. I believe the Golden Rule applies here most especially, and people have to be very clear on expectations right from the start. Get it in writing!!!

After have been through a challenging relationships issue with a friend relating to a business matter, if they get abusive then it’s a real next! How else could I respond to them?

Like Darlene has said, we all face challenging people, how can we establish a relationships with them? Perhaps we need to ask ourselves what is our intention of having a friendship with them? If it is business, I believe that sincerity and grace can take you a long way, especially in challenging relationships.

Dale Carnegie is a great read – and worth reading when you want to lean how to be a better friend in our personal and business relationships.

What are some of your challenging relationships and solutions to them? Would love to read your feedback.

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