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Why Private Online Communities?

Why private online communities?  With growing concerns around public online spaces, creators and businesses are increasingly turning to exclusive communities to foster genuine connections. And add value to the support they are seeking.

Private online communities, led by experts and focusing on shared challenges and interests, offer a more authentic and safe space for personal and professional development.

These are focused, curated spaces led by industry experts and creators who facilitate learning and connection among people with similar challenges and interests. For me, these communities have gone a step further than what I’d get by simply following an influencer I admire or a social account with great content. 

They offer the safety of a vetted space where CEO’s Founders can interact with others and ask questions without fear of judgment or junk content — and without leaving my desk. Those are privileges I’m happy to pay for.

How do you select one that is right for you?

  • Is the community providing information, courses, coaching?
  • Are they vetting the people they let in?
  • Do they meet your needs and values?
  • Are they based on common interests and set a code of conduct around respectful communication, privacy and discretion.?
  • Are they a good release from getting your needs met and not be in the social media realm?

Ask yourself this question before making any connections: Am I genuinely aligned with this person, or do I only need something from them? I am a firm believer in energy. I also think that if you are always taking from others without wanting to give back, overtime people will feel it.

Crusaders Community is for business owners seeking support and knowledge. Join to discuss your concerns, gain marketing insights, build your connections ,network with professionals, and foster innovation of judgment or without waiving through junk content.  It’s a community that masterminds together, learns from each other and builds trusting relationships.  Accepting  new members click here

“One of the best investments I’ve made in my own online learning. I’m happy to pay for.”

If you just want to get your feet wet, you don’t need or want a group like Masterminding, more like a DIYer, then you can try the Optimizer community. The difference between the two groups, is Crusaders, if more about co-hort groups. If you would like to test this community out, there is a 30 day trial available, after 30 days its $99.00 Register here

I suggest …both sharing and soaking up knowledge where you can. If you find you are in a group that has a lot of arguments and drama, I would suggest leaving and finding a group such as the Crusaders  that fosters a more supportive environment.

Find like-minded entrepreneurs whether you’re a work-from-home person or a  CEO or a Founder or come from  co-working space. It’s a great way to build relationships and your business. As an entrepreneur, your business and personal life is one, very hard to break it up. Why not get engaged and find new friends as well.

Why Private Online Communities?

As I have written a long time ago, about MasterMind groups, they are your #1 way to grow your business faster.

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