Robert Aigner Episode #43

Robert Aigner Episode #43 is a change agent. He has helped countless others make difficult choices and significant changes in their lives while making major pivots in his own

Born the son of two holocaust survivors, a fact which shaped his life in profound ways as you will learn today. His unique history has led him to offer audiences true gifts of insight and caring while helping them make the tough choices that today’s world demands. 


With a degree in Journalism from the University of Oregon and graduate work in psychology at New York University Rob has held executive positions in advertising, publishing (at Rolling Stone Magazine) in technology and entertainment.  In 2002, Rob entered the real estate industry and soon held high level leadership roles at Keller Williams realty as CEO of the Beverly Hills location which sold over $1.3 Billion dollars of real estate per year.

Rob currently has ownership in eight Keller Williams locations throughout California as well as other businesses. He is a certified trainer and coach and boasts dozens of coaching clients who are at the top of the real estate industry. 

Rob has been happily married for 19 years to his wife Sharon and has two boys, Jake and Micah. The younger of two children, Rob also has a sister, Susie.  Parents Eva and Les are Holocaust Survivors and currently reside in Oregon.  He is thrilled to bring his parents’ story of inspiration to help others make clear choices in their life. 

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