Seagate Reputation Fumble

Seagate reputation fumble could be yours easily. Are you paying attention to your reputation?

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About two weeks ago my hard drive was failing – off I go to the MAC Genesis bar – MAC is really good at helping people with their MAC’s. They felt my hard drive was failing..because it wasn’t a MAC or 3rd party hard drive, they suggested that I go to who installed it and see what if anything they can help me. It’s a Seagate 750GB, it’s only been in my laptop for 18 months. It’s a little complicated since Seagate sent the hard drive to Storage MoJo to test it out for them. They used my computer to test it.

I wasn’t going to write about this issue and then I thought it’s a lesson in managing your reputation online. We all need to respond if we hear of anything about our company or if people have problems with our products and services.

I have tried to contact Seagate through their website (no avail) through LinkedIn, and Twitter to find out who I could contact. Storage Mojo of course said, Mojo did their review and are done.

Is it on warranty? Likely not. This is interesting as no one has responded not even “How can we help“? This is why your reputation is so important, it’s better to resolve issues rather than people writing or sharing not so positive information to their readers.

As of August 1, no response from any one.. My question is should they replace it? Maybe, maybe not. What’s your take?

There are some ways that you can watch what people are saying about you, sign up for Google Alerts, every time someone mentions you, you’ll get an alert. This a great place to start.


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