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Services And Advocacy

Free Offerings

We offer many services and our doula giving is mostly about advocacy for the patient/client.

Free offerings:

  • Life Cafe monthly meetings via zoom
  • Life Cafe group
  • e-book 12 tips to prevent a mess newsletter
  • Impactful Legacy Podcast

Succession Planning

Whether you are thinking about retiring, OR passing along the baton to your successor in your business.  OR you’ve gotten a terminal illness diagnosis, there is always some planning that needs take place.

Plan now before it’s too late!

Live well workshops and join the Life Cafe. It’s a place to come learn and discuss topics of interest. Book a complimentary call to see how I can help you.

Doesn’t cost anything to ask!

Succession Planning
Event Services


Life Cafe a great introduction into planning, services offered, conversations with other people who are grieving, EOL care.

Happens the 2nd Tuesday afternoon 4:00pm PST Register on Zoom.  August 9th, 1st meeting.

Lunch ‘n learns for your employees and leaders. Retreats to get away from it all and still learn and have fun.

Ask me when you would like to have one reach out:  contact me.

Kindness Conferences, gatherings, you’ll find  at a different way to see and do things. Kindnessatwork.us

Doula Givers

It’s an advocacy service for the people who wish to have a peaceful holistic death at home surrounded by their loved ones.

We provide the logistical bridge between hospice, your medical team and your family.

To book a complimentary appointment click here

For more answers to your questions go to Q & A


Why Doula Givers Are The Answer

Impactful Legacy Podcast

The show airs on a monthly basis. It showcases people who are leaving or creating their legacy.

What is an Impactful Legacy? “To create an impressive, meaningful, powerful experiences, leaving a legacy of what you want to be known for by inspiring the human spirit”

To book a show use this link, if we haven’t spoken before, I ask that you book a get to know you chat and then book a podcast show.  https://go.oncehub.com/Mari-Lyn

There isn’t a fee to be on the show, however I am now asking people to give  loan to people on Kiva.org. 98% of the people get their money back.

The shows are on:


Apple Podcasts



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