I’m Mari-Lyn Harris: a Transition Advisor empowering you to be happier and live a more fulfilling life.

I work with individuals ready to address and conquer feelings of inadequacy, insecurity, and overwhelm. I’ve successfully coached over 200 people through accountability groups, individual coaching sessions, and workshops, to help them create their own compelling vision of a happier future.

Does this sound familiar?

* Are you drained and exhausted by trying to cope with depression, mental distress, or PTSD on your own?
* Are you frustrated that procrastination is preventing you from reaching your goals?
* Are you worried that fears, insecurities, and self-sabotage tendencies are driving your lack of confidence?
* Are you overwhelmed with helplessness, hurt, or sorrow?
* Are you concerned burnout is leading you to emotional bankruptcy?
* Are worries or feelings of desperation affecting your ability to enjoy work, family, or life?
*Are you ready to experience a happier, more fulfilled life, where you’re empowered to let go of what is not working for you anymore?

Despair and fear keeps us stuck

You are not alone. Over 70% of individuals will experience some sort of imposter syndrome or feeling of inadequacy in their lives.
I’m here to help

After gaining control over my own destiny, I turned to sharing my solutions and approach with others.

We all deserve a chance to be well and healthy, embracing our own self-worth and capabilities.

If you’re ready to dismiss your fears and achieve your own breakthrough, I’m available to work with you.

Choose the Plan that works for you

Select one of these plans, or take advantage of a customized program, just ask! 

1:1 Coaching

Weekly meetings for 8 weeks



VIP Yearly Membership or $33/month

Frequently asked questions

Hypnosis –  CBT cognitive behavioral therapy. Pod Coaching a group of 5 people together.

Introducing, Creating your legacy,  for your final appointment in life.

Mostly via Zoom. or until it’s safe to meet in person during COVID.

In groups, and also customized plans for the people I work with.

After through my own journey of saving myself –   to help people it’s only self-care and  kindness that counts. Kindness we create a better world. One person at a time.

What my Clients say

“Mari-Lyn presented some ideas that challenged each of us to view our workplaces from different perspectives, points of workplace community, communication systems, people management, workplace wellness statements. I found the presentation enlightening and would recommend her seminars to other organizations.” Audrey Pihulyk of Possibilities Network – Edmonton, AB
Audrey Pihulyk
I enjoyed working with Mari-Lyn for 3 sessions and in those sessions she helped me connect with a few deeply hidden issues in order to help me work through overcoming them. She also connected me to a few good memories that were also hidden which was wonderful--recalling happiness is a great thing. Thanks you so very much Mari-Lyn, I loved the last visualization you lead me through also and do it as I start my day or when I go to bed..
Yvonne Burton
Yvonne Burton
“Since working with Mari-Lyn, we have found that having kindness@work, has given our employees permission, to be more personal with each other. This has removed the “friction” amongst the staff and improved their productivity and communication. Working with Mari-Lyn has been very enjoyable.” Brian Sherrington – Signature Printing – Edmonton, AB
Brian Sherrington
I did not know what to expect and I was surprised how much I got out of just one session. It was an incredible experience. Mari-Lyn instantly “got” what I needed from the session. Transformational - I would highly recommend Mari-Lyn.
Kulip Sfo
IT Consultant
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