Masterminding for Leaders

Masterminding for leaders, is the best way to move your business forward. Be willing to be unreasonable for great results. It’s for leaders who are passionate.

Mastermind Intensive

The Mastermind Intensive groups are for Women Entrepreneurs who want support to grow their business. Mastermind groups work whether you have a product or service based business you are encouraged to join.


  • Prioritization
  • Marketing optimization
  • Accountability increases your business
  • Cheerleading & encouragement
  • Support in creating collaborative partners
  • Clarity of where you are going and how
  • Eliminate procrastination

These Mastermind Groups are specifically for leaders .

When we feel discouraged in our business we tend to give up, I know I have felt this many times. It’s hard to grow your business to success without mentors.

Mari-Lyn is an driven creative and visionary problem-solver with an ability to see the big picture for a business organization. She has a lot to offer to make a leader think outside the box.” Randal Adcock, MA

Sales Mastermind
Masterminding For Leaders

Intensive Mastermind Group, limited to 10 people max. Meet on a weekly basis for 8 weeks. More accountability and personal attention.


Yes, it was incredibly valuable to be a part the Mastermind group, I highly recommend joining a group if you want to grow faster. There are just so many benefits to it, including support for each other, accountability, motivation and the sharing of experiences amongst the members.” Victor Step of Growth Evolution Development


Mastermind Intensive
Masterminding For Leaders

“My experience with Mari-Lyn has been that she demonstrates acute problem-solving skills and keen attention to detail. As a social media expert, I’ve observed her be joyfully creative and tirelessly energetic. In coaching me she has been a clear communicator — illustrating her suggestions in ways I can easily visualize achieving my desired objectives.” Stan Aaronson, Founder & Owner, S M Aaronson Marketing Strategies



Payment Plan for the Mastermind Intensive

MasterMind Intensive
Masterminding For Leaders

There are three Bonuses:

One: Brainstorming call with Mari-Lyn, as your facilitator I am also offering you a brainstorming call to their help you clarify before the Mastermind group begins or perhaps while you are in the group.

Two: Money Beliefs with Holly Hansen
She has served many women to lead happier more meaningful lives through her Empowerment Coaching. She is  also the Creator of Mental Spa Experiences and My Happiness Box. Holly will be delivering the Money Beliefs call.

Three: Enneagram with Elaine Culverwell LMFT #41741, she is a certified Enneagram instructor and a family therapist. For more than 25 years she uses the Enneagram in her work with couples, parents and teenagers.

Once you have paid for your mastermind group fee, you’ll be sent out the information about how to join the calls and what to prepare for the class. You will receive a workbook to help you stay on track.

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