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Legacy Playbook Guide

The Legacy Planner available for those who just want to do it yourself without any tips or guidance. It’s set at a pay what you want. I’ve renamed it a planner.  It will be available in the private community  once it is all setup.

Suggested price: $20.00

Suggested price: $20.00

Minimum price: $9.97

Legacy Playbook Guide


The Legacy Planner available without the workshop, for those who just want to be a DIY without any tips or guidance.

It’s a complete guide unto itself.  The Legacy Planner, gives you information that you will need to enter to help you family, your executor or even your lawyer. Where can they find the information after you transition out of this world? If you would be interested in doing the workshop register here.

It’s set at a  pay what you want as well..


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