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It’s Not Just DPI

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Two important terms you need to know and it’s not just DPI. The first is that Resolution (DPI) plus Pixel Dimension equals file size. Why is that important? Well, it has to do with the second term you need to know. “DPI” (resolution) is important for you to use but more importantly, what file size do you need, using a dpi of 72. Again, file size is determined by resolution and pixel dimension (height/width). …

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Going Viral with Ripplin’

Ripplin’ is now saying they are going to be the next Social App that you want to be using. It’s already gone viral, over 900,000 people have signed up for this free app. A new social media app is coming out that has got me and a lot of other people very excited. It’s a totally new twist on social media and will reward people!!!! It’s a new concept kind of like Amazon meets …

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