5 Ways to Have More Referrals

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5 ways to have more referrals. In order to get more business we need to allow the space and time to have more relationships in your business by building your reputation. Build Your Reputation 1st What do I mean by allow? We are either busy networking or working or promoting and not taking the time to engage with people having conversations or discussions with people. For example, one of the groups on LinkedIn that … read more..

How to Grow Client Relationships

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How to Grow Client Relationships is to grow your readers into clients and people that find you, so they can to get to know you is to provide tools and resources that will help them in their business. Along with good content on your blog you can offer: Low cost workshops Webinars Tele-semnars Calls – group calls or one on one Tips sheets Newsletters or e-zines Interviews You don’t want to develop relationships by … read more..

How’s Your Reputation?

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Ever wonder how’s your reputation is online. Does this really matter to you how or what people think or say about you Since Social Media all about Word of Mouth W.O.M. I would be curious to know, how you use it to develop your reputation? Today I got a shocker for over a year and a 1/2, and having many conversations with the same people on a Networking Platform, people really didn’t know what … read more..

Creating Content with Google Hangouts

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Creating Content with the Google hang-outs, it’s a great way to add value and brand yourself. Have you tried them yet? If not, here’s some tips to get started. When you get a Hangout invitation for a video call, just accept it via the link “Join Hangout”. How do you link the hangout with an event? Under your profile or group you create an event and plan it to be an live on air … read more..

Sharing the Best Customer Service Experiences

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Sharing the Best Customer Service Experiences. What are your best customer service experiences you’ve had? Here are three experiences. First Experience: Several years ago my family came home from a very much needed vacation at about 10 pm December 30th only to find our house was in the process of burning. The next evening (1/1) we decided to eat at Carraba’s Italian restaurant to celebrate everyone being ok. We didn’t say anything about our … read more..

Is Collaborating for you?

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When I have shared a collaboration project like working on the book about Building your Business with Relationships. I didn’t get paid cash for my contribution, what I got was an opporunity to work with Marnie, some media exposure..and I made a few new friends. It was a lot easier to reach #1 on Amazon together rather than doing this solo. What does collaboration mean? When we take action, work with a group of … read more..

Overcoming your Prospecting Fears Forever

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Overcoming your prospecting fears forever. This blog post is brought to you by Bonnie Gortier a Wealth & Health Coach. One of the biggest challenges when joining a network marketing company is to find people to join your business opportunity. As your own boss you recognize why selling, sponsoring, and attending training are necessary. If you just stay the course you will be able to sponsor many of the people you meet at group … read more..

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