30+ Ways Not to Lose your Customers

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30+ Ways Not to Lose Your Customers by using videos as your format to reach to them. 1.    Deliver personal messages via e-mail 2.    Create thank you or welcome messages for Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin or any other social network you belong to 3.    Send Love messages to your friends and family (mine love getting them) 4.    Use videos instead of using text newsletters 5.    Send out a Thank you for being a customer 6.    … read more..

Benefits of Marketing Your Blog

Advantages of Blog Content Contributions From Sales Perspective Posted by Pamela Seiple We’ve compiled a list of advantages: 1. Drives More Content: More contributors means more people to create content, which is a good thing because research has shown that keeping your blog fresh by publishing content regularly leads to better blogging success. 2. Divides Responsibility: More contributors also means the responsibility of producing a steady stream of new content can be divided among … read more..

Want Do You Want?

This was a wonderful reminder as I was reading Jerry & Ester Hicks book on Joyous Beginnings. Making a decision or giving conscious deliberate thought to which you want puts yourself in a position of being a selective sifter. By making decision of what you want, you will automatically shift through the data of words, information that comes to you. You’ll receive more that which you want not what you don’t want. Wouldn’t you … read more..

Why Do You Blog?

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Why do you blog? For some people it’s about becoming an expert in their field, some, to share their experiences or there are several other reasons why. Technorati did a survey to discover a few things about bloggers about the growth and trends in the blogosphere. 57% of businesses blog to attract new clients for their business 40%-50% to make money or to supplement their income 28-30% hope to get published or featured in … read more..

How to Create a Relationship Strategy – Part 4 & 5

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How to create a relationship strategy Part 4 and 5. Just as an investor sells losing stocks and bonds, so you should fire (gasp!) clients that come close to “nightmare” status — especially if they are unwilling to pay you for your trouble. You might also consider firing clients if they’re giving you work that has become tedious, is holding you back from taking your capabilities to the next level, or that simply isn’t … read more..

How to Create a Relationship Strategy – Part 3

How are you doing in this creating your own plan? I know it does take time – however it is well worth it and you will benefit greatly from it. Step Three: Focus on the Core Once you create your list, the next step is to develop a plan to reach out to, and build your relationship with, the top 20% of the prospects/clients on your list. For each potential core client, answer the … read more..

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