Creating a High Performing Organization

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Creating a high performing organization, it’s more about how you create one that is the betterment for all. Here are six things you need to consider for creating a great organization. James Davis says: The key to a high performing organization is a strong culture. You need to have the basics in place. These basics are Engagement, Satisfaction, Confidence, and Loyalty. If you build the basics, you will find the rest coming into place. … read more..

How to Grow Client Relationships

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How to Grow Client Relationships is to grow your readers into clients and people that find you, so they can to get to know you is to provide tools and resources that will help them in their business. Along with good content on your blog you can offer: Low cost workshops Webinars Tele-semnars Calls – group calls or one on one Tips sheets Newsletters or e-zines Interviews You don’t want to develop relationships by … read more..

How’s Your Reputation?

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Ever wonder how’s your reputation is online. Does this really matter to you how or what people think or say about you Since Social Media all about Word of Mouth W.O.M. I would be curious to know, how you use it to develop your reputation? Today I got a shocker for over a year and a 1/2, and having many conversations with the same people on a Networking Platform, people really didn’t know what … read more..

Creating a Social Buzz

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Creating a Social Buzz, what is Social Buzz? When I think of creating a social buzz I think of the messages that I am sending out what’s important that I want people know about. Creating a Social Buzz has to be about something that feels good to you to share and participate in. You can create Buzz simply by sharing your stories, joining a collaborative group of people, help each other, get involved in … read more..

Recession Proof Your Business

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How to recession proof your business..wouldn’t we all like this. If you really want to recession proof your business, you’ll want to be surrounded by people where you can bounce off ideas to a few people to can get clear. This is how my Mastermind group was beginning to help me. You really begin to see how you are recession proofing your business. Ever feel like that you aren’t getting as much done as … read more..

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