How to Become Happier

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On my own journey of doing a self-discovery of who am I? I woke up this morning, knowing that where I am today is perfect. I am starting to fix what I don’t like in my life right now.. Right now, all my experiences are for good, I own that I am a child of God, I can do anything. As I begin to fill myself up, I am discovering that I am becoming … read more..

Be Your Own Inspiration, Free Yourself

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Be your own inspiration, free yourself. If your life is your canvas, what and how do you want to create it into a masterpiece? Have you ever wondered and asked yourself this? Rather than allowing other people in your life or the public to define you, why not define yourself? Be an artist think about the colors in your life, your performance as a person, who are you? Do you allow yourself to to … read more..

Happy Valentines Day!

Valentines day is tomorrow Feb 14, which also Kindness week begins. I have created a video message for you. At the end of this video, it would be nice if you would take the time out to reach out to your connections by calling them. Even if it is only to re-introduce yourself and by asking them what they need help in. When they ask for help be sure to follow up with them, … read more..

Networking is the Essence of High Performance Marketing

Did you know that 90% of salespeople don’t network is because they don’t know how to. This really surprised me, I remember when I was doing Territorial sales, it was a lot easier to get out to network in the circles where my customers were. Introductions and referrals were easier to get than knocking on doors. However, knocking on doors was good too, because I was able to find out who the businesses were … read more..

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