What is Relationship Management?

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What is relationship management? It’s really about taking care of your relationships. How are you taking care of them, there are great ideas here. I’ve just finished reading “ Delivering Happiness” by Tony Hsieh, I have to say it is a terrific book, I would read it before going to sleep and it keep me reading it until I couldn’t stay awake. There are so many things in the book that I can say … read more..

One Small Act of Kindness

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One small act of kindness. This message was delivered to my inbox, rather than sort through who I was going to send it to, I just decided to post it. Kindness among other things are important to me..most of all how are we sharing, killing people with kindness, uplifting each other and giving without expecting something in return. Just to let you know, starting February 1, 2014, we’ll be accepting your stories of Kindness. … read more..

Are you dreaming BIG enough?

Is your dream worthy of you? Are you dreaming big enough? As I was thinking about giving a presentation to a Rotary group about LEAF who are doing a capital campaign and I was just sharing information about the World Garden project. Have you ever wondered what am I going to say? Some speakers have canned talks in place, some will shake it up a bit. I just asked the Divine what should I … read more..

How to’s about Blogging

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The business of how to’s about blogging is usually what most people write about on their blog. What’s your intention?  What message do you want to share?  Who are to writing for? When I started this blog, it was about sharing, kindness, relationships, networking, marketing and then social media. Soon it just kept expanding. Sorta lost it’s focus,  as I write this post, looking back why I started Heart@Work in the first place. The … read more..

Feeling Anxious?

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I couldn’t quite put my finger on it, until today..”I’ve been feeling anxious” in the past couple of days. Why? I have so many deadlines..putting together crowdsourcing proposals, grants..attracting matches for my new project.. by listening to the audio below, I have released my anxiousness..recognized that once I released them, I feel better. You can too, release the negatives- you’ll then feel better. This is an unusual post, I believe if you are feeling … read more..

Heart at Work is Required

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It’s incredibly hard sometimes to keep going, when there are so many reasons to give up, your Heart at Work is required. This is where you need to decide if you want to do something with your life or you’re okay with being average. Don’t throw away all that hard work you did – obstacles are here only to see if you’re worth succeeding! Watch this video, it’s produced by

I Believe in Your Dreams

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I believe in your dreams. I will follow you. Will you follow people’s dreams? Dr. Martin Luther Jr had a dream, the people who liked what his dream was about walked with him. How can we go forth? They began to organize themselves together, soon more and more people stood up and said, “We need to take a stand.” Rosa Parks was another person who took a stand said, “I deserve to sit in … read more..

Enriching Women’s Lives

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Enriching women means when we are giving to ourselves, then can enrich others including your family, friends and your clients. When we help ourselves we also give hope and love to inspire others to take action. How do we come together to enrich our lives? Where do we start? This interesting thing about where we start, it’s where ever we are at, as simple as this is, it’s the best place for us to … read more..

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