Don’t Ever Forget to Say Thank you!

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Don’t Ever Forget to Say Thank you! Keeping-in-touch fosters stronger and better relationships that can possibly lead to more referrals and opportunities. Put it into practice now – why wait? I have asked the people I network with to submit articles to me relating to relationships, Social Media Marketing, collaboration and the like. When I asked Carol jumped on the chance to submit an article.. here it is.. … read more..

How to Get More Responsive Customers

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How to get more responsive customers starts by converting your leads into sales. When the leads become cold, a person will feel rejected and go somewhere else. Say someone fills out a form from your website and requests more information? A member of your team, sends out a brochure or refers them to a part of your website to get more information. Then what? How many times has … read more..

10 Ways to Cultivate Relationships

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Here are 10 ways to cultivate relationships on line that will help you to have more connections and opportunities where ever you are. Cultivating relationships at work, looking for work or just getting along with people is really important.  1. Create a blog which you will post content to help engage your followers to post, read or subscribe to, be sure to have a subscribe button or a … read more..

If you want to Attract new Clients

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If you want to attract new clients, you’ll have to customize what you offer to each segment or vertical. For example if you want to reach out to realtors or other financial professionals, then you need to send them content that only pertains to them. Create packages or programs that they are only interested in. A realtor that I know was looking for a coach to help her … read more..

5 Rules in Keeping Strong

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5 rules in keeping strong is what Vincent Wright believes that will help you thrive and use your time effectively. Written by Vincent Wright of Brandergy Rule #1:  FACE the problem… No one on Earth can claim to be successful without facing problems. Facing problems is an ESSENTIAL part of success. It is THE FIRST STEP to your success Rule #2:  FIND your strength… Every living person seeking success has strength…But, power … read more..

10+ Reasons Why to Collaborate

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Here are 10+ reasons why you want to collaborate. Those who choose not to pursue to collaborate I believe are really short changing themselves and their organizations. Why do we think collaborating isn’t worth it? Collaborating seems to be such a BIG word, it’s really just a great way to get the word out, maintain a presence and grow faster. When I asked this question, “Why don’t more … read more..

Negative Feedback

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There are so many passionate bloggers, we work hard, we share and boost up each other and somehow we just end up with negative feedback. How can you overcome the negative feedback? Sometimes you just have to ignore it, send the person who is saying negative things about you, send them some LOVE and or perhaps just ask them what’s this all about? Take the high road in … read more..

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