8 Tips in Building Trust in Relationships

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8 tips building trust in relationships. Learning from our mistakes about not having trust in your relationships are usually are our biggest insights and breakthroughs. I’ve been reading the Speed of Trust by Stephen Covey Jr. It’s been quite insightful and a reminder as I think about what role do I or have I played in my relationships with people and myself about Trust. I am just sharing tips on better ways to communicate … read more..

What is Relationship Marketing

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What is relationship marketing, most times people are confused what Relationship Marketing really is. Relationship marketing, in a sense, is all about connections and maintaining relationships. The challenge for some of us to describe what relationship marketing is to break-down what it isn’t vs what it is. Here’s what I came up with: Wayne Hurlbert says, “Relationship marketing and relationship building with blogs has long been considered a major reason for starting and maintaining … read more..

10 Lessons in Setting Your Policies

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Here are 10 lessons in setting your policies of writing and how you are going to operate your business blog. 1. Provide Web addresses linked from the website domain, not addresses from free webmail services such as Hotmail and Gmail. 2. Don’t lie to make money. The most common way is to write a glowing report about a product or service to earn affiliate revenues. It is very short-sighted to lie to visitors to … read more..

6 Ways to Market a Local Business

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6 Ways to Market a Local Business, be strong get sales and brand awareness. Almost like growing a grassroots campaign. 1. Local Marketing Google places has now been replaced with Google my business. It’s a great place to get your business listed. For example if you are searching for a bakery, you’ll find the ones you are looking for in your local marketplace. The one near you. 2. Be a Good Neighbor In your … read more..

5 Rules in Keeping Strong

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5 rules in keeping strong is what Vincent Wright believes that will help you thrive and use your time effectively. Written by Vincent Wright of Brandergy Rule #1:  FACE the problem… No one on Earth can claim to be successful without facing problems. Facing problems is an ESSENTIAL part of success. It is THE FIRST STEP to your success Rule #2:  FIND your strength… Every living person seeking success has strength…But, power not found is power not available. … read more..

How to Grow Client Relationships

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How to Grow Client Relationships is to grow your readers into clients and people that find you, so they can to get to know you is to provide tools and resources that will help them in their business. Along with good content on your blog you can offer: Low cost workshops Webinars Tele-semnars Calls – group calls or one on one Tips sheets Newsletters or e-zines Interviews You don’t want to develop relationships by … read more..

How to Create Value in Relationship Branding

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How to create value in relationship branding, it’s when you take ownership of a commodity, a special talent, concept or product. What is it that you stand for? What you stand for is an experience that your customers feel from you. Don’t be Shy. When it comes a time for you to take a stand, you cannot be shy about it, you need to back it up totally, no matter what other people think … read more..

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