Social Media Revolution 2

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This is a refresh of the original Social Media Revolution with updated statistics and images. Created by author Erik Qualman and based on the #1 Best Selling book Socialnomics. This video is now for 2014. This was in 2012 What changes we have is the time to refocus on what you really want and what the best platforms where you’ll discover where your customers are. When you are ready to Transform Your Business … read more..

It’s All About Relationships

Everything in life is about your relationships, that’s why we network, go on dates, meet people for coffee, for lunches and social gatherings. We all do this to meet some need, whether it’s for life partners, establishing clients, friends, employees or strategic alliances. What happens after is what really matters. Do you follow-up? Do you ask for the sale, or the friendship or the relationship to begin? Do you ask yourself what your intention … read more..

Secret of Marketing – Part 2

The secret of marketing – part 2 was another series of comments from Linkedin. This is a continuum from my question of What’s the Secret of Marketing? I found that more people really like to hear from people who have tried out various tactics or spokes as I call them. Linda S. Posey – Thanks for the great discussion. Good list, Richard. BTW, I believe it’s called permission marketing, i.e., you’re marketing to people … read more..

Facebook: Not just a pretty face

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Why Facebook isn’t just a pretty face. By now, you’ve probably discovered some of the benefits of having a Facebook page for your business.  Facebook has had many changes over the years. This was first written on Aug 2010. Some of the suggestions my not work any longer. If you’re doing it right, you’ve got yourself a fan page with a growing number of “likers” and you’re actively engaging with them about your shared … read more..

Take Your Online Marketing To The Next Level: SEO

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Take your online marketing to the next level by using search engine optimization (SEO), blogging, and social media you can achieve your fullest potential on and off the web. Written by Ryan Chaffin, follow Ryan on Twitter @ryanchaffin Advertising is an integral strategy when working towards business success and growth. Internet advertising is extremely competitive. The vast numbers of websites using online marketing make it essential to have a website that attracts viewers and … read more..

What’s the Secret of Marketing?

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What’s the secret of Marketing, this particular topic has been very popular, and it’s really about marketing and promoting yourself to get the sales. The same rules apply whether we are an Artist or we are in MLM’s or a Business selling your products or services. The comments are about how they are helping each other by sharing their experiences, by doing this they are learning from each other. We all can do this … read more..

Transform Your Blog – Ideas

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Here are 7 people sharing how they have turned around their blogs, kept people returning, or getting customers by blogging. Enjoy the read. Matthew P. Schwartz • I quote my musical hero, Jerry Garcia, on this query. After 15 years of performing Garcia was asked in 1980 what keeps it fresh for the audience. “It always seems like we’re just getting started,” said Papa Bear. I think it’s the same deal with blogs — … read more..

It’s the Little Things..

This post is a promotion for my calls that happen every Thursday at 9:00am..if at all you are interested in getting more clients, buyers for your art, you want to transform your business all it takes is a couple of tweaks here and there. Unless you feel you really need more than a Face Lift. I always find it’s just the little things that you can do to improve your business that will change … read more..

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