Getting Social Media Referrals

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Getting social media referrals, is using the social media, socializing with people will lead to getting referrals. It is when you have set-up all your tools or spokes as I call them, by sending visitors to your website/blog. In one of my previous articles, I wrote about what a HUB is and how to make it work for you. They are people who agree to give and get referrals. This is known as a … read more..

Defining Your Niche

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Who do you help? Defining your niche is very important whether you are going after clients or even looking for work. “One of the girls I have been mentoring was looking for a job..we’ll call her Wendy for this case study. The sound of her voice dropped when she talked about getting a job. She just lost her full-time job and needed to do something quickly. I suggested that she get a blog going, … read more..

Social Media Marketing Report

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The Social Media Marketing Report got started in 2009, it’s certainly, worth reading to find out what the status is for Businesses using Social Media in 2014. Michael and his team did a great job! MarketingSherpa calls Michael the “grandfather of white papers.” He’s author of the bestselling book, Writing White Papers: How to Capture Readers and Keep Them Engaged. His work is used as required reading at major universities such as MIT and … read more..

How to Use SlideShare

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How to use SlideShare it’s a great marketing tool, listened to a webinar on how to use Slideshare, use it for your business. It’s another place where you can share your marketing materials, art shows, brochures..they have added quite a few new services like Lead Capture, Advertising of course. What I have used it for is to upload my keynote presentations, great for giving webinars people can follow along without e-mailing out the documents. … read more..

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