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Testimonials all what my past clients and colleagues have appreciated about Heart@Work LLC and those who have worked with Mari-Lyn Harris.

Interviewed by Barbara Anne Gardenhire-Mills on her “What’s your Why? show” listen in to our conversation. the why show

I was interviewed by Pat Lynch, the Editor in Chief earlier this year, she lost her husband in July..2022,  as of September 2022, it was published. I enjoyed having Pat on my podcast show as well

Mari-Lyn has compassion, creativity,  is organized, empathic but most of all you have always displayed the knack of remaining calm during difficult times. I know your insight has helped me battle a few of them.  Death and dying  is certainly a difficult time of life. I wouldn’t hesitate to have you as my Death Doula if I needed one. I believe this is the perfect opportunity for you and wish you much success.”  Maria Unrau

I have known Mari-Lyn for at least a couple of years now and I have found her to be an honest, truthful person who is respected by me and her peers. She knows how to run a business with integrity and fairness to all. She is very visible here on Alignable and other platforms. What you see is what you get & that means a lot to me.” Eddie Garcia Team Hope  Albany, GA



This is such an important body of work in the life and death of people. Thanks for all you do to encourage and support a kinder way of life. Judy Helm Wright–Author/Historian/Intuitive Wise Woman

Isabel Wettergren Testimonial

CEO of Michael Hartzell
“Mari-Lyn Harris is not one to hesitate when it begins to look difficult. As Mari-Lyn takes on new projects, you will find her motto is “forward” and “TNT” Today Not Tomorrow. With a generous heart, persistence, high character and a vision of community and collaboration, Mari-Lyn stays connected with the reality of what is necessary to get a job done while providing help and support to others.. I am thankful for the opportunity to know and work with Mari-Lyn

Raleigh R. Pinskey – CEO/Founder, The Raleigh Group Communications
Mari-Lyn Harris worked tirelessly to construct the Social Media Mastermind Live online conference to help others be informed, so they could increase their success quotient, both personally and professionally. As a participant, my presentation was on Brand Blending, The quality of her efforts was top notch. I applaud Mari-Lyn’s efforts to bring this daunting challenge to fruition. Definitely worthy of five stars.

Mari-Lyn ~ Your website Heart@Work says it All. Your knowledge and patience and ability to create and explain came through loud and clear. Your professional opinion has helped guide me on what would best serve both me and my client in creating an inter active web site. I would recommend multi-talented Mari-Lyn, for any of your web site or marketing needs. Thank You for helping co-create an awesome web site for me. Jill Tipton ~

Mari-Lyn is a very good public speaker and organizer of functions.Loretta Hertzog Marketing Director, Ekota Central Ltd.

Mari-Lyn is an excellent resource that I have relied on for many occasions. She truly offers inspirational advice that is always right on the mark.Sue Ellen Cowan, Artist

Mari-Lyn Harris is a gem of a professional and one of the best discoveries I have made in social media. She shares her extensive knowledge and talent in many areas of business and marketing with an enormous generosity of spirit. I feel very fortunate to have collaborated with her on many projects and I look forward to sharing many more with her in the future.Renee Phillips, Founder and Director, Editor-in-Chief, Manhattan Arts International

Mari-Lyn provides a good example of what networking looks like, and her online outlets and newsletter provide a stream of valuable information on social networking for business and internet marketing strategies.” Blue Bliss a Graphic Designer and Artist

The name of Mari-Lyn’s company says it all “Heart@Work”. She does bring her heart with her to work and it shows in the way she manages client and vendor relationships.

Thanks Mari-Lyn for all the work you do, for the benefit of your clients and for others. I am looking forward to working with you again!Lori Ruff, Keynote, Seminar, Break-Out, Workshop Conference Speaker: Social Media Marketing and Training DIVA

“To say Mari-Lyn is “Passionate” about Social Media would be an understatement. Mari-Lyn engages endlessly in the pursuit of relationship building, go-giving and putting “heart” into her work. I was able to see Mari-Lyn in action in January 2010 when she produced one of the first Online Social Media Conferences in the country. Mari-Lyn makes pretty awesome pies too!Deb Mullen, CEO, Chocolate Mousse Marketing

Mari-Lyn is an driven creative and visionary problem-solver with an ability to see the big picture for a business organization. She has a lot to offer to make a leader think outside the box.” Randal Adcock, MA

Mari-Lyn’s energy and enthusiasm is infectious! She truly works from the heart to empower people to expand their success and market themselves and their skills in a professional, honest manner. I would highly recommend her!Lauren Curtis, Freelance/Fine Artist/Illustrator/Photographer, Lauren Curtis Art

Mari-Lyn is a results-oriented, detailed, “visioned” marketing & troubleshooting thinker. You WANT her on your side, whatever you endeavor.Michael Boroditsky, Owner, GiantByte Software

Recently I was the recipient of a monthly prize offered by Mari-Lyn Harris who is a Relationship Marketing specialist operating Heart@Work. To my delight, she created a video of my artworks with music and my business details!

I feel Mari-Lyn is truly a Golden Heart at Work in our world and I have noticed that she has a wealth of talent and experience to share. It is my pleasure to recommend her for your favorable consideration.”. Laara WilliamSen, ARTIST International Professional Painter, The Ocean Park Studio

Mari-Lyn is very energetic individual and knows sales and marketing processes inside out and her expertise spans out into a variety of industries. Her work is expedient.” Bette Daoust Ph.D

It is always a pleasure to work with Mari-Lyn, she is an inspiration, full of ideas and brings her insights and experience to every project. Mari-Lyn is a networker and knows how to effectively communicate her message.” Tim Moores – Provision Graphics and Multimedia Inc., & WOW 

Mari-Lyn, helped me to discover new ways to do my marketing and expand some of my products into new markets.” Ingrid Enns – Dazzling Gourmet – 

Mari-Lyn presented some ideas that challenged each of us to view our workplaces from different perspectives, points of workplace community, communication systems, people management, workplace wellness statements. I found the presentation enlightening and would recommend her seminars to other organizations.Audrey Pihulyk of Possibilities Network –

I found the workshops I’ve taken inspiring, Mari-Lyn & Patricia helped me to focus on who my customers are based who I want. The idea of defining the person that make you tick was very insightful. Our group was from very different sectors, it was useful to discover what other people were going through. I would highly recommend this workshop.” Michelle Dodds of Cargo & James Tea – Franchise Sales

What I got from this workshop, was the cross-section of ideas that I could modify. The brain-storming, the diversity of options and feedback that I gained was very valuable. Creating my client profile certainly gave me a kick in the butt to keep on attracting clients for my business.Beth Simpson Ace Clear Defense Security Laminates

The Attracting Ideal Clients’ was the best two hours I have ever spent. I got real clear of who is my niche is. As a green cleaning company, we will be the leader on the commercial cleaning industry. I also felt charged up in taking my next step.Vini Buecken of Valo Maintenance.

It was great. Attracting my Ideal Clients, really helped me to see what I really wanted to have as my clients. Where to find them and how I will attract them. I want to be a famous photographer for the Equine industry. I felt energized, got my prices lined up and everything is a go!Linda Finstad A Sharper Image Photography

I enjoy workshops where we get to do the WORK in stead of just listening. In a short few hours I got improved clarity of who my customer is, what they want and what I have to deliver. The clarity gives me great momentum to be working on my projects right now.John Robson of Higher Awareness

Thank you for all my testimonials, in appreciation of everyone. Read more recommendations/testimonials under the Kindness Conferences

There are more Testimonials  for the Kindness Conferences and events that have been produced.

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