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The Impactful Legacy Podcast was launched in July 2019. Listen to the shows  of workplace culture & leadership.

While this was happening, I decided to focus on working with Entrepreneurs to become happier, as a Happiness Coach/Catalyst. Providing Social Connectivity services by moving humanity forward with kindness.

Well, it didn’t quite work out that way – I am still making an impact of kindness along my journey and sometimes it’s about speaking up for me. Self-care. Living Well watching out for my own health and well-being. 

I’ll be offering personal coaching, workshops, facilitating gatherings to bring more people together. I believe we need more “Hug to Hug Experiences”TM and Heart@Work Experiences, which will help you to become happier, so you too can create an impactful legacy of your own.

Do you ever get depressed or lonely being an Entrepreneur?

Did you know that Entrepreneurs are the highest cohort of people who are depressed and lonely? Mental health is the leading cause of illness.

If you feel you need a therapist, get one. They will truly help you

I too have struggled as an Entrepreneur of being depressed and lonely at times. I get it. People think just because I have lots of connections, I have lots of friends. I do have many friends, some of them just don’t get me, especially me being and Entrepreneur.

Loneliness is a complex and usually unpleasant emotional response to isolation. Loneliness typically includes anxious feelings about a lack of connection or communication with other beings, both in the present and extending into the future.” by wikipedia

After all, Entrepreneurs are the hardest working group that are growing the economy by expanding their mission/movement./business forward. They are the unsung heroes – the job creators, the innovators, the dreamers.. you really need to be kind to yourself by taking care of you.

If you’re lonely when you’re alone, you’re in bad company.” 
― Jean-Paul Sartre

Sejal on LinkedIn, said “2019 kicked her butt, she doesn’t want another year like that“. While I am helping entrepreneurs to find their way out of depression and loneliness into Kindness, she suggested that “We all find our own way.” Maybe even a #2020UnitedGlobalResolution.”

Love to hear what you have come up with, have you created a personal impactful legacy for 2023? The Impactful Legacy, is about what are you creating for yourself. where you can tune in and listen to all the shows + some.

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