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The Kindness Community

The Kindness Community is where we will continue to grow kindness around the world. If you are tired of the unkind people and situations in the world right now.. join us!

Kindness Community

As a Kindness Advocate, you are my tribe or my type of people. Rather than continue on with a groups on Facebook, decided to create a group on   I’ve heard that, you are a Person of Influence:

P – Persuasion 

E – Empathy 

R – Relationship-building 

S – Storytelling 

O – Open-mindedness 

N – Networking 

O – Optimism 

F – Flexibility 

I – Integrity 

N – Nurturing 

L – Listening 

U – Understanding 

E – Enthusiasm 

N – Navigating 

C – Collaboration 

E – Empowerment

There are fours (4) pillars to engage and learn from:

#1. Help how you can get help with problems you are having professionally or personally with Q & A sessions.. Open office hours.. and like the idea of themed office hours.

#2. Action, there will be challenges, progress logs, (a public journal) goals and accountability

#3 The Learning Lab: You can read articles, take courses, watch and listen to the Talks.

#4. Connections: Most important, networking, just for fun themed events, support to build relationships.

As an introductory offer, get your 1st year of membership on me. It’s $465.00/ year annually. Use FOUNDER in the coupon box.

Sign-up here: use this link There is a limit of 100 FREE members for the month of July 10 – August 10th.. After this date is will be $38.00/month or $465.00/year. Use in the coupon area FOUNDER

Look forward in engaging with you..

2nd project:

The Kindness Village is a housing project.

Kindness Village envisions a future where individuals can lead fulfilling lives in harmony with nature, embracing sustainable practices that contribute to a healthier planet. By pioneering off-grid living, this development seeks to inspire a broader movement towards environmentally responsible communities.

Kindness Village is an avant-garde housing development that redefines contemporary living by seamlessly integrating sustainability, self-sufficiency, and community into an off-grid environment. Situated in a pristine natural setting, our development goes beyond conventional real estate to offer residents an eco-conscious lifestyle characterized by cutting-edge green architecture, renewable energy sources, and a commitment to minimizing environmental impact.

Learn more about kindness

Plus you’ll find from our Podcast Create an Impact

See you over at the kindness village!

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