Linkedin is one of those social media sites that offer you connections, contacts and relationships to build for your business success.

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It will also help you to reach other people for JV’s, partnerships, to get information, resources to give to help one an other.

Lesson #1 – If you want some help for your business, or feedback or people to contribute to your book then ask. Be specific. Don’t be vague, because then you won’t get the answers you want or expect to have.

Lesson #2 – If you want somebody to respond to you, give them your e-maill address or a place where they can get a hold of you. It’s called, a call to action.

Lesson #3 – If someone offers you some help is using this platform, don’t reply to them by telling them you don’t appreciate the feedback or suggestions or a lecture. I don’t believe anyone tries to lecture anyone including me.

Lesson #4 – Engage with people, share, give information, take a look at the groups and what people write about, ask the person/s directly for help. Answer, if you know it. This is how communities exist. If you don’t know your neighbor, go and introduce yourself, both online and off-line.

Lesson #5 – Don’t expect to do sales directly. People will buy from you, when they know, like and trust you. Marketing & Sales is totally upside down. It’s Social, it’s about the relationships you have with people, that will result in sales.

Lesson #6 – Join groups that you have an interest in, or you want to know more about, or it’s where your customers hang out.

Lesson #7 – Learn to be a friend 1st, or a mentor or coach

Lesson #8 – Don’t be afraid of people. They don’t bite. Maybe bark, overall people I have encountered are very helpful and friendly.

Lesson #9 – Make sure your profile is up to date, change your status frequently. You can use the status to ask for something particular.

Lesson #10 – Go for quality not just quantity. Some I know will disagree with me. Quantity of contacts give you a wider reach to an audience or people to get help from. Quality, I decided this year to keep in touch with people, it’s hard if you have a large base. I am just another number to them, rather than someone who could quite benefit them.